Bendigo Yacht Club

Series scores

Division 1 - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
4 Jan 2019
Race 2
11 Jan 2019
Race 3
18 Jan 2019
Race 4
1 Feb 2019
Race 5
8 Feb 2019
Race 6
15 Feb 2019
Race 7
22 Feb 2019
1692BeastImpulseRussell DenholmABN10 (DNF)28 (DNC)111114.0
2193031LaserMick FloydABN228 (DNC)2228 (DNC)28 (DNC)62.0
31343GustySabreDi FloydABN4228 (DNC)428 (DNC)28 (DNC)66.0
43112Trilogy125Dan ForbesABN628 (DNC)428 (DNC)28 (DNC)571.0
51755LeprechaunSabreDan ForbesABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)3328 (DNC)90.0
61129Wind SpielSabreJohn CooperABN57 (DNF)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)96.0
7177066Laser RadialAdam PoyserABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)8 (DNF)528 (DNC)28 (DNC)97.0
8259UnknownSabreRon MasonABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)5928 (DNC)28 (DNC)98.0
92802Full Of BeansPaper TigerAnton BeensABN728 (DNC)28 (DNC)1028 (DNC)28 (DNC)101.0
10616ImpulseChas ThompsonABN128 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)113.0
10540CwaverSabreJohn MaherABN28 (DNC)128 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)113.0
122924Loddon CallingTasarChas ThompsonABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)2114.0
1210053RangaO'Pen BicOscar ForbesABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)228 (DNC)114.0
141812OvertureMosquito CatMichael AnthonyABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)3115.0
142826AquaplaneTasarChris Clarke
  Jenny Clarke
ABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)328 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)115.0
142851Edge OffTasarHugo DunlopABN328 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)115.0
145-Pacer No SpinnakerLlewe EberyABN28 (DNC)328 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)115.0
181342T.N.TSabreRob LottABN28 (DNC)428 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)116.0
18359SabreRon MasonABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)428 (DNC)116.0
181414SwashbucklerSabreAlan BeavisABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)4116.0
211341Red Back SabreAlex LottABN28 (DNC)528 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)117.0
22178NNNSonata 7 Greg GoodallABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)628 (DNC)28 (DNC)118.0
22236Alpha Omega 5.0Hughbert AlexanderABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)6118.0
241858Smashed AvoPaper TigerHughbert AlexanderABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)728 (DNC)28 (DNC)119.0
2514774VvvvHobie 18Marc SinclairABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)8 (DNF)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)120.0
25SA208ArakanaSonata 7 John LockieABN28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)828 (DNC)28 (DNC)120.0
253060Strange BrewPaper TigerAndrew BeensABN828 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)28 (DNC)120.0
27 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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