Victor Harbour YC
VHYC 2018/2019 Handicap Series Compare

Series entrants

Division 1 - Yardstick

455ShaunYvonneDavid BroadbentVHYC
512FelixYvonneKai McCallum
512.AssagaiYvonneMarcus Towell
  Steve Rogers
515Red ZepYvonneJ Bracken
  Kai Bartley
523Touchy FeelyYvonneBrianna WilliamsVHYC
525Secret Mens BusinessYvonneSimon MetheralVHYC
531KineticYvonnePaul Hawkins
  Graham Lovell
533Tullamore DewYvonnePeter MichelmoreVHYC
538Natural Born KillerYvonneMarcus TowellVHYC
565Pure N CynicalStingrayMk2Craig Pearsons
  Leanne Pearsons
569UFGCobraSimon Meathral
958The Fat ControllerAClassMike McGuireVHYC
970The Green MachineArafuraCharlie CoombsVHYC
1171MossieMosquitoJ C Bellido
1553DuckheadArrowSimon MetheralVHYC
1650Rip CurlArrowCharlie CoombsVHYC
1654Bob CatArrowKai McCallumVHYC
1684CarmaArrowCraig PearsonsVHYC
1708SonicArrowBrett Pearsons
AUS002RaketvapenNacra18SqMarcus TowellVHYC
AUS153The MistressTaipan4.9Cat w/spinScott EdgarVHYC
AUS405FangF16Wade KrugerVHYC

Division 2 - Yardstick

974Green BoatArafuraAlana BrackenVHYC
1988JC CruzerHobie14JC BellidoVHYC
2366Kate N Grace125Steve RogersVHYC
17710Rinse CycleLaserPhil DoleyVHYC
119929QuasarLaserRadialPeter Cundy
137510No More Mr Nice GuyLaserTony GluyasVHYC
182970Loch Knee MonsterLaserTim FrearVHYC
1829905 O'Clock SomewhereLaserPaul HawkinsVHYC
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