Geraldton Yacht Club
Mixed Cats Travelers Series

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
21 Oct 2012
Race 2
21 Oct 2012
Race 3
25 Nov 2012
Race 4
25 Nov 2012
Race 5
25 Nov 2012
Race 6
26 Nov 2012
1113613Thems The BreaksHobie16Nathan GummeryGYC61621212.0
2111877RedDogHobie16Peter Redway
  Phil Epps
36363Absence Of MindWindrush14 Super Sloop no TrapTroy HobbsPDYC22354516.0
4112283The WoodiesHobie16Murray Woodhead
  Tayla Woodhead
56389Live WireWindrush14 Foam Super SloopRay HughesPDYC1318817 (DNF)21.0
6112151Hard ON!Hobie16Kit Lambert
  Xoanon Lambert
7111595Nucking FutsHobie16James Marsh
  Dee Marsh-Wilson
GYC917 (DNC)766735.0
86371FourteenWindrush14 Super Sloop no TrapCampbell SpryPDYC10649917 (DNF)38.0
96244BluetoothWindrush14 Vintage SloopDwayne BlackPDYC17 (DNC)17 (DNC)947340.0
106340BadBoyWindrush14 Foam Super SloopQuin PlozzaPDYC4717 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)62.0
11112160One For The RoadHobie16Marcus Lodge
  Grady Redway
GYC8917 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)68.0
12111595Pussy On A PoleHobie16Tony Marsh
  Jodi Allison
GYC317 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)71.0
136310Wild TurkeyWindrush14 Bulk Head Super SloopMark DawsonPDYC111017 (DNS)17 (DNS)17 (DNS)17 (DNS)72.0
146293ScattyWindrush14 Super Sloop no TrapJim PlozzaPDYC131117 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)75.0
15111486All Or NothingHobie16Dan Olivieri
  Ross Wallace
GYC141217 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)77.0
16110018Like A BossHobie16Ross Wallace
  Jodi Allison
GYC17 (DNC)17 (DNC)1017 (DNF)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)78.0
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