Cairn Curran SC
2019 Winter Series

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
4 May 2019
Race 2
1 Jun 2019
Race 3
6 Jul 2019
Race 4
3 Aug 2019
1692BeastImpulseRussell Denholm12214.0
2616Fire In The SkyImpulseChas Thompson23125.0
3636BathshebaImpulseMal McPherson34 (DUT)14 (DNC)411.0
4596Gone TroppoImpulsePeter Weiss14 (DNC)414 (DNC)321.0
53311Reliance 60/5+1Flying Fifteen SilverDarren Carson
  Michael McCartney
  Darren Hocking
14 (DNC)5414 (DNC)23.0
6166Crack-A-LackinViper SloopGlenn Weeks
  Ange Holliday
414 (DNC)614 (DNC)24.0
7597My MedicineImpulseJohnathon Pulham14 (DNC)114 (DNC)14 (DNC)29.0
8700ImpulseBen Johnston14 (DNC)14 (DNC)314 (DNC)31.0
91438AsterixSabreRay Eastwood14 (DNC)14 (DNC)514 (DNC)33.0
9527Bob'sledImpulseRay Eastwood14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)533.0
1115956NoasarkMirror Gunter RigJosh Hall4096 (DUT)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)42.0
11556DarrenOk DinghyDarren Martin4096 (DUT)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)42.0
11250Final ThrustF18Joey Norris
  Steve Parson
14 (DNC)14 (DNC)4096 (DUT)14 (DNC)42.0
13 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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