Victor Harbour YC
Rum Race May 5 2019

Series entrants

Division 1 - Yardstick

77Sunset StripAClassPaul Short
455ShaunYvonneDavid Broadbent
507NanoF18Simon Hallsworth
  Ben Clark
512FelixYvonneKai Bartley
523Touchy FeelyYvonneBrianna Williams
525Secret Mens BusinessYvonneSimon Metheral
531KineticYvonnePaul Hawkins
565Pure N CynicalStingrayMk2Craig Pearsons
  Leah Gorden
958The Fat ControllerAClassMick McGuire
1247Simply BeingMaricat4.3CatNigel Clark
1667Ram RaiderNacra5.8Jeff Southall
1708SonicArrowBrett Pearsons
AUS002RaketvapenMarstromMarcus Towell
  Steve Rogers

Division 2 - Yardstick

9PhobiaSpider 22 MkIMark
14Black WidowSpider 22 MkIN Mossey
  A Cook
  D Bennett
15ArmadeirasSpider 22 MkIM Fisher
  B Lee
  R Mackay

Division 3 - Yardstick

879The Trippa SnippaSharpieAlex Blacker
  Alex South
  Harry Fisher
917Cenacillccphbia?SharpieA Mitton
  J Mitton
  H Mitton
926NudeSharpieLuke Stephens
  Ryan Kelly
  Sea Keen
8891The Surly Mermaid505Neil How
  Amy How
143436OmakiLaserRadialBrenton Scott
196892SagenhogLaserRadialIan Thomson

Division 4 - Yardstick

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