Victorian Mosquito Catamaran Association
48th Mosquito National Titles - Adelaide SC

Series scores

Fleet - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
6 Jan 2020
Race 2
6 Jan 2020
Race 3
6 Jan 2020
Race 4
7 Jan 2020
Race 5
7 Jan 2020
Race 6
8 Jan 2020
Race 7
8 Jan 2020
Race 8
9 Jan 2020
11788AtreusMosquito Cat (Mk1)Warwick KempASC4921126218.0
21827Aldebaran VIMosquito Cat (Mk1)Phillip PearceASC91143212122.0
31819Cat-titudeMosquito Cat (Mk1)Steve ThomasLBYC71534343529.0
41777Beyond A JokeMosquito Cat (Mk1)Peter HallsworthASC61392425 (OCS)1338.0
51794More Than A SplashMosquito Cat (Mk1)Philip Warren-SmithRYC2110110775747.0
61808Grey MatterMosquito Cat (Mk1)Robert LottNEWSC1814555312448.0
71785Bear TalkMosquito Cat (Mk1)Garry JohnstoneLBYC101786857953.0
81676Both BarrellsMosquito Cat (Mk1)Rick VerboonNSC1921108694662.0
917669LivesMosquito Cat (Mk1)Shaun SlaterPVSC2019799681169.0
101680CurlewMosquito Cat (Mk1)Greg IllmanPVSC1718131112891080.0
111745RedbeardMosquito Cat (Mk1)Greg HackettPVSC142061210111125 (DNC)84.0
111761Jelly LegsMosquito Sloop (Mk11)Justin Bissi
  Kalahni Bissi
131792SwiperMosquito Cat (Mk1)Sam WatsonLBYC15.5231171125 (OCS)10885.5
141782Sixth ElementMosquito Sloop (Mk11)Peter Dunk
  Kirsten Thomas
LBYC25 (DNC)615151612141391.0
151833The JokerMosquito Cat SpinMatthew StoneSoYC1118211917191893.0
161802Totally...Mosquito Sloop (Mk11)Mick Floyd
  Di Floyd
171791BrakefreeMosquito Cat SpinTim ShepperdGLYC23222021182020104.0
18185The Ancient MarinerMosquito Sloop (Mk11)Hubert Tucker
  Michelle Tucker
ASC15.51225 (DNF)1617151715107.5
191739Fast LaneMosquito Cat (Mk1)Peter NicholsonNSC25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)1313101312111.0
201757Bucken HellMosquito Cat SpinPete KielySGYC34202222202221112.0
211823ZanzaraMosquito Sloop (Mk11)Justin Prior
  Gina Webster
221834The Bees KneesMosquito Cat SpinGary MaskiellGLYC25 (DNF)2191920192119119.0
231751Gone ViralMosquito Sloop SpinJaime Zizman
  Darcy Stringer
241736ZapperMosquito Cat (Mk1)Roy DouglasNSC12221225 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)146.0
24 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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