Jervoise Bay Sailing Club
2019 Club Championship - Mixed Cats

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick (Note - times adjusted for laps sailed)

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
6 Oct 2019
Race 2
6 Oct 2019
Race 3
6 Oct 2019
Race 4
20 Oct 2019
Race 5
20 Oct 2019
Race 6
20 Oct 2019
Race 7
3 Nov 2019
Race 8
3 Nov 2019
Race 9
3 Nov 2019
Race 10
1 Dec 2019
Race 11
1 Dec 2019
Race 12
1 Dec 2019
1491Old TimersNacra 430 Super Sloop SpinArnold Kaars17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)255247 (DNS)8711 (DNS)85.0
1AUS 102PC LocsF18Stephan Van Blerk
  Nick Ireland
8 (DNF)38 (DNS)47 (DNS)7 (DNS)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)55485.0
3AUS 0PRTF18Shane Phillips
  Jason Phillips
17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)11111292.0
4AUS 502RedgeF18Kaiella Taylor
  Brad Taylor
8 (DNS)8 (RET)8 (DNS)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)427 (DNS)411 (DNF)11 (DNS)97.0
5AUS 520AB RAcingF18Murray Buchan
  Andrew Buchan
118 (DNS)7 (DNS)1117 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)104.0
6AUS 2026Hydramech SolutionsF18Bevan Chrimes
  Amanda Chrimes
17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)7 (DNS)32233105.0
7531T RexNacra 430 Super Sloop SpinSam Huf17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)33417 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)746112.0
8AUS 925PegasusA Class (Flying)Gavin Davies48 (RET)8 (DNS)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)36417 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)118.0
9981LarkA Class (Classic)Stephen Oliver17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)7 (DNS)4317 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)1087124.0
10108053Cockburn BlowieHobie 16Tom Lightower
  John Senor
38 (RET)8 (DNS)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)911 (DNF)11 (DNS)135.0
11F510WINDYCATWindrush 700Ash Rowley
  Bevan Chrimes
  Arnold Kaars
22117 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)141.0
11218North To SouthNacra 16 sqMichael Mlynarczyk17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)12217 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)141.0
13530I ShrunkNacra 430 Super Sloop SpinAsh Rowley17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)321142.0
14269TechDenNacra 16 sqStephan Van Blerk17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)7 (DNS)5317 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)151.0
1570White HorsesNacra 14 sqKim Lindsay17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)665153.0
1635#35Nacra 16 sqMark Hadfield8 (DNS)8 (DNF)8 (DNS)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)160.0
16 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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