These are PROVISIONAL results subject to change. For enquiries contact GLYC

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassDivCrewClubLadies Race
10 Feb 2013
13861Supertoy Plays OnFlying Fifteen1Lynette Wallace11.0
23019Full CircleTimpenny 770 SK 1Peta Morrison22.0
3101Joe BlowSpitfire1Noelene Foley33.0
4213WirriwjamaRL 28 1Roger Plowman44.0
5GL710Hakuna MatataRoberts 342Denise Lamble55.0
626KateCavalier 262Harry Stephens66.0
7G101ChibizuluZulu Mini Tonner2Anne Delahay77.0
83021ScorpioTimpenny 770 SK 2Barbara Boswell88.0
94282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK 2Lesley Avery99.0
10505Its AlrightRoss 8302Melody Jefferis1010.0
113035LongnoseAdams 132Barbara Nott1111.0
12751LeglessEtchells2Ian Spottiswood1212.0
1389No Fixed AddressCastle 6502Jeff Walker1313.0
145922MaraNorthshore 331Drew Mynard1414.0
16 entrants.    

Ladies Race10 Feb 2013

These are PROVISIONAL results subject to change. For enquiries contact GLYC

Fleet, Yardstick results - CBH converted to VYC (80.25)

13861Supertoy Plays OnFlying Fifteen1Lynette Wallace109.01:06:231:00:541
23019Full CircleTimpenny 770 SK 1Peta Morrison0.7161:15:551:07:442
3101Joe BlowSpitfire1Noelene Foley115.01:18:411:08:253
4213WirriwjamaRL 28 1Roger Plowman0.7601:20:441:16:274
5GL710Hakuna MatataRoberts 342Denise Lamble0.6081:41:321:16:555
626KateCavalier 262Harry Stephens0.6301:38:291:17:186
7G101ChibizuluZulu Mini Tonner2Anne Delahay0.7501:23:501:18:207
83021ScorpioTimpenny 770 SK 2Barbara Boswell0.7161:29:051:19:288
94282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK 2Lesley Avery0.7161:31:171:21:269
10505Its AlrightRoss 8302Melody Jefferis0.8001:23:531:23:3710
113035LongnoseAdams 132Barbara Nott0.8801:18:141:25:4711
12751LeglessEtchells2Ian Spottiswood93.01:22:521:29:0612
1389No Fixed AddressCastle 6502Jeff Walker91.51:48:091:58:1113
145922MaraNorthshore 331Drew Mynard0.77064:10:2161:34:2514
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