Lake Boga Yacht Club
Sunraysia Interclub Regatta 2014

Series scores

Division 1 - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
15 Feb 2014
Race 2
15 Feb 2014
Race 3
16 Feb 2014
Race 4
16 Feb 2014
11785Bear TalkMosquito CatGarry Johnstone41117.0
21744Mosquito CatSteve Thomas1033319.0
3568FoxImpulseKen Robinson176822.0
4AUS 165The Wild ToyViper SloopPeter Dunk
  Kirsten Thomas
5607StampedeImpulseDavid Wood3971130.0
62978Gold Tiger 2Paper TigerKen Thompson1982433.0
61816UnkoMosquito CatPhil Robin7512933.0
81709Carbon CopyMosquito CatPhilip Watson522 (DNS)5638.0
81805Just A ToyMosquito CatIan McAlister1768738.0
101787Try AgainMosquito CatTim Kennedy9422 (DNF)540.0
11603MagicImpulseGreg Orr611141041.0
12068White KnucklesTaipan5.7WSpinKym Luitjes141391248.0
13392KnucklesImpulseKevin O'Bryan21022 (DNF)22 (DNS)56.0
142996Paper TigerBernie Beyer18121022 (DNF)62.0
1540154DonkeyHobie 14 TurboMalcolm Seton-Stewart2118111464.0
162073AlohaPaper TigerJean HoldernesseLOBYC2019131365.0
17188Sudden UrgeImpulseKevin Grivell81422 (DNF)22 (DNS)66.0
181825KryptoniteMosquito CatMark O'Halloran131522 (DNF)22 (DNF)72.0
192076TalismanPaper TigerJohn EshmanLBONYC121722 (DNF)22 (DNS)73.0
20615ImpulseJohn Brownstein112022 (DNS)22 (DNS)75.0
211658Work In ProgressMosquito CatThomas Luitjes161622 (DNS)22 (DNF)76.0
21 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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