Barmera Dash for Cash

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubHeat 1
4 Oct 2014
Race 2
4 Oct 2014
Race 3
19 Oct 2014
Race 4
19 Oct 2014
11785Bear TalkMosquitoMkIGary Johnstone11114.0
21782Sixth ElementMosquitoMkIPeter Dunk223411.0
31787Try AgainMosquitoMkIT Kennedy464216.0
41786The MatrixMosquitoMkIMark Pfennig385521.0
51800The Young MarinerMosquitoMkIISimon Hallsworth55213 (DNS)25.0
61733Touch & GoMosquitoMkIMark O'Hallore9412328.0
61732Just Do ItMosquitoMkISteve Thomas6106628.0
81734Go-Nads IIMosquitoMkIIBrad Spencer7381129.0
91773SpotMosquitoMkIPeter Nicholson8711733.0
101805Just A ToyMosquitoMkIIan McAlister13 (DNF)99839.0
111676Both BarrellsMosquitoMkIRick Verboon13 (DNF)117940.0
121658Work In ProgressMosquitoMkIT Luitjes13 (DNS)13 (DNS)101046.0
12 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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