Victorian Mosquito Catamaran Association
11th Victorian Mosquito Spinnaker State Titles

Series scores

Fleet - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
15 Nov 2014
Race 2
16 Nov 2014
Race 3
16 Nov 2014
Race 4
17 Nov 2014
11826The JokerMosquitoMatt Stone1215 (DNC)4.0
21819Chat BlancMosquitoSimon Clavin415 (DNF)5 (DNC)10.0
31759Toughen Up PrincessMosquitoNatasha Van Rennes335 (DNC)5 (DNC)11.0
41775Karma CatMosquito Cat + SpinTim Shepperd25 (DNF)5 (DNC)5 (DNC)12.0
4 entrants.    
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