Bendigo Yacht Club
2015 Kimbolton Series

Series entrants

Division 1 - Yardstick

290The Blame GameViper SloopMick Floyd

Division 2 - Yardstick

1752Nautical NutsMosquito CatStuart Ridge
1754EasyscrewMosquito CatPhilip Mann
1768Grey MatterMosquito CatRob Lott
1792SwiperMosquito CatEwan Watson
1802Totally...Mosquito CatMick Floyd
1810Now WhatMosquito CatColin McEwan
  Jack McEwan
1812OvertureMosquito CatMichael Anthony
3052Magic MarinePaper TigerBrenton McDonald
18426FranticHobie 14John Maher

Division 3 - Yardstick

01LaserMark Gillies
2Pacer No SpinnakerChris Clarke
  Toby Clarke
23Europe DinghyJulie Boyer
25State Of The ArkFlying FifteenPeter Geddes
  Myles Geddes
2491Think Positive IITasarHugo Dunlop
  H Dunlop
2591HawkeyeTasarMark Hawkins
  Elliott Hawkins
2591Richoret RabbitTasarBarry Floyd
16022WindwhisperLaserSteve Phillis
16022WindwhisperLaserSteve Phillis
33870LaserLucas Geddes
35647LaserColin Nankervis
160288LaserJ Mildren

Division 4 - Yardstick

Castle 650 Anthony Wall
17Ross 650 Greg Devlin
  Michael Konsman
97The Edge IIICastle 650 John Foreman
934Celtic DawnNoelex 25 Rowan Gillies
  Kevin Shanahan
  Leanne Hocking
985CarolinerNoelex 25 Dane Boag
  Carol Boag
3016Sixpenny BitTimpenny 670 Ron Mason
3038UomeTimpenny 670 Doug Carswell
  James Gallagher
3039Flying CircusTimpenny 670 Rob Heath
  Judy Heath
3075Down To ZeroTimpenny 670 Ian Grant
  Ken Mann
3078NartandaTimpenny 670 James Mahoney
  Ian Middleton
3092Timpenny 670 Dennis Scammell
3156SeahorseAdams 21 Hugh Drummond
AUS11Mild Oats XIMagic 25 (Mild Oats)Russell Denholm

Division 5 - Yardstick

4PacerTim Hoogwerf
6PacerAdam Blakiston
89SabreAdam Blakiston
553EnvyFlying AntCampbell McEwan
  Alyssa Hunter
795HypernoSabreEWAN WATSON
925Ace Of ClubsSabreWendy Rogasch
925SterlingSabreJohn Maher
1148Lee DeboraisHartley Ts 16 W/O MotorJohn Scott
1315SabreJohn Lockie
1343GustySabreDi Floyd
1755LeprechaunSabreJohn Carroll
1935WindspielSabreJohn Cooper
98986Cool BananasLaser 4.7Lucas Geddes
178815Laser 4.7Dom Tune
201504Laser 4.7Eliza McKinstry
J 127Artic TernJubileeIan Court
  Rod Sales

Division 6 - Yardstick

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