Rhyll Yacht Club
Australia Day Regatta 2015

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
24 Jan 2015
Race 2
24 Jan 2015
Race 3
24 Jan 2015
1604ImpulsePaul Farrell1124.0
2611Danger MouseImpulseBen Johnston4217.0
3595ImpulseToby Leppin2439.0
4649ImpulseMatt Draper35715.0
5639ScoobyImpulseWesley Moore53816.0
6640Grape ApeImpulseRoss Kenneally76417.0
7651ImpulseSteve Dunn67619.0
8141Taipan 4.9 CatGed Pepping891330.0
8207ImpulseBrad Legg1110930.0
1090Taipan 4.9 CatBill Pepping9121031.0
11626ImpulseDanny Marrinor20 (DNC)8533.0
11612RhyllisticImpulseMark Membrey10111233.0
13404ImpulseKayla Gilchrist12141440.0
14001Freight TrainFlying DutchmanSimon Mc Cowan17131141.0
15196906LaserClaire Quin13181546.0
1630813Hobie 14P Brown15151747.0
17617MuzbeImpulseMurray Gilchrist16161648.0
18457aWild ThingImpulse 6.6Tayla Kenneally1420 (DNF)20 (DNC)54.0
1943493420Ross Fraser181720 (DNC)55.0
19 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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