Bendigo Yacht Club
2015 Winter Series

Series scores

Division 1 - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
30 May 2015
Race 2
28 Jun 2015
Race 3
25 Jul 2015
Race 4
1 Jan 1970
11ImpulseRussell Denholm15 (DNC)2114.0
2175973Laser RadialMick Floyd1315 (DNC)26.0
33038UOMETimpenny 670 Doug Carswell24237.0
4795HypernoSabreBernie Young51315 (DNC)9.0
5207ThrhyllaImpulseAdam Blakiston665617.0
6925SterlingSabreJohn Maher786518.0
7934Celtic DawnNoelex 25 Rowan Gillies15 (DNC)5415 (DNC)24.0
8180Viper SloopRob Morris815 (DNC)9 (DNF)825.0
91343GustySabreDi Floyd15 (DNC)915 (DNC)428.0
10SA208ArakanaSonata 7 John Lockie15 (DNC)7715 (DNC)29.0
111869SabreSteve Phillis15 (DNC)1015 (DNC)732.0
122851Edge OffTasarCraig Shepherd
  Deborah Shepherd
315 (DNC)15 (DNC)15 (DNC)33.0
132Pacer No SpinnakerChris Clarke415 (DNC)15 (DNC)15 (DNC)34.0
14 entrants.    
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