Lake Bonney YC
2016 Paper Tiger State Championship

Series scores

Fleet - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
23 Jan 2016
Race 2
23 Jan 2016
Race 3
23 Jan 2016
Race 4
24 Jan 2016
Race 5
24 Jan 2016
12915VendettaPaper TigerRussell Jolly132187.0
23053Chilli Beach Paper TigerLyall Daley2116610.0
32076TalismanPaper TigerJohn Eshman3235412.0
42996Double Dutch 2Paper TigerBurnie BuyerLCSC9642113.0
52457Shore LeavePaper TigerKirsten ThomasLBYC 5454215.0
62944Mr PercivalPaper TigerNeville Rowe45810320.0
72090OrigamiPaper TigerThomas LuitjesLBYC 13 (DNF)1063524.0
83005This Way UpPaper TigerBruce RussellABYC8778729.0
92954UlingWarriPaper TigerPeter Darling6897930.0
102852GeckoPaper TigerBarrie Evans713 (DNF)1191037.0
112753AlohaPaper TigerJean HoldernesseLBYC 1091013 (DNS)13 (DNS)42.0
121601The MagpiePaper TigerTimothy RidleyLBYC 111113 (DNF)111144.0
12 entrants.    
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