Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club
Summer Thursday Terrors

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
13 Oct 2016
Race 2
27 Oct 2016
Race 3
10 Nov 2016
Race 4
22 Dec 2016
Race 5
19 Jan 2017
Race 6
23 Feb 2017
Race 7
9 Mar 2017
1bri215Bring It OnRL 24 SK Peter Mosbey421412414.0
2TusTuscanyAustral 24 SK Derek Haagsma14 (DNC)7 (DNC)126 (DNC)216.0
2quiQuiksilverNoelex 30/Farr 940 Greg Power
  Neville Duckett
54 (DNC)4331116.0
4sil1590Silver CloudNoelex 30/Farr 940 Mark Holter34 (DNC)29 (DNC)11 (DNC)6 (DNC)7 (DNC)31.0
4goo221Good EnoughSonata 7 James Marsh8 (DNC)4 (DNC)39 (DNC)547 (DNC)31.0
6MojoMojoSonata 6.7 MK 1David Holter217 (DNC)9 (DNC)11 (DNC)6 (DNC)7 (DNC)32.0
7bonBonitos TreasureBonito 22 Michael Maragos8 (DNC)4 (DNC)7 (DNC)9 (DNC)83333.0
7pe44PanacheSonata 7 Paul Cahir8 (DNC)4 (DNC)5566 (DNC)7 (DNC)33.0
9bluBlue ShadowSunmaid 20 Michael Groves8 (DNC)4 (DNC)7 (DNC)211 (DNC)6 (DNC)7 (DNC)34.0
9paPanaceaNoelex 25 Liz Trainor64 (DNC)7 (DNC)9 (DNC)46 (DNC)7 (DNC)34.0
11hotC23Hot StuffCole 23 Mario Barbieri8 (DNC)4 (DNC)7 (DNC)696 (DNC)7 (DNC)38.0
11ultUltima ThuleUltimate 18 DK Stuart MacKinnon8 (DNC)4 (DNC)7 (DNC)776 (DNC)7 (DNC)38.0
13ceiCeilidhAquarius 23Paul Tozer8 (DNC)4 (DNC)7 (DNC)9 (DNC)11 (DNC)6 (DNC)539.0
29 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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