State Championships 2016/17

Series scores

Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassDivCrewClubRace 1 - Pt Vincent
29 Oct 2016
Race 2 - Pt Vincent
29 Oct 2016
Race 3 - Pt Vincent
29 Oct 2016
Heat 4 SYC
25 Feb 2017
Heat 5 SYC
25 Feb 2017
Heat 6 SYC
26 Feb 2017
Heat 7 SYC
26 Feb 2017
Heat 8 SYC
26 Feb 2017
11827Aldebaran VIMosquitoMkI1Phillip PearceAdelaide SC14221143.5113.5
21819Cat-titudeMosquitoMkI1Steve ThomasLake Bonney YC4215931314.0
31782Sixth ElementMosquitoMkI2Peter Dunk
  Kirsten Thomas
Lake Bonney YC21331023.5814.5
41788AtreusMosquitoMkII2Warwick Kemp
  Kalahni Bissi
Adelaide SC320 (RET)20 (DNS)11212221.0
51676Both BarrellsMosquitoMkI1Rick VerboonSomerton YC83520 (DSQ)755530.0
61721The UltimateMosquitoMkI1Allan Pettman - MSomerton YC128710176736.0
71773SpotMosquitoMkI1Peter NicholsonNormanville SC9799288438.0
81744Splashes Of BrillianceMosquitoMkI1Danny Le Feuvre - MPVSC1111108499646.0
917669 LivesMosquitoMkII2Shaun Slater - M
  Hamish Slater
PVYC5644820 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)47.0
101769Good Night NurseMosquitoMkI1Greg HackettPVYC75620 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)78.0
111734Go-Nads IIMosquitoMkII2Brad Spencer
  Jacqui Cole
20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)67982.0
121561WhichwayMosquitoMkII2Steven Launer - MPVYC6101120 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)87.0
121770Rebel Without A ClewMosquitoMkI1Roy Douglas - MNormanville SC109820 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)87.0
141734Go Nads 11MosquitoMkI1Brad Spencer20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)7520 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)92.0
141745Red BeardMosquitoMkI1Greg Hackett20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)6620 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)92.0
161736ZapperMosquitoMkI1Roy Douglas - M20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)11320 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)94.0
171142WilfredMosquitoMkI1Neil Lehmann - MPVSC13121220 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)97.0
18423Buzz OffMosquitoMkI1Mathew Wright - MNormanville SC20 (RET)20 (DNS)20 (DNF)20 (DNF)20 (DNS)20 (DNF)1020 (DNS)110.0
191777Beyond A JokeMosquitoMkI1Peter HallsworthSomerton YC20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)120.0
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