Australian Impulse Association
2016 NSW State Championships

Series scores

Fleet - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
26 Nov 2016
Race 2
26 Nov 2016
Race 3
27 Nov 2016
Race 4
27 Nov 2016
Race 5
27 Nov 2016
1684King BrownImpulseMichael Brown - SeniorSOUTH LAKE MACQUARIE ASC, NSW1311114.0
2570CosmosoarusImpulseDavid Harrison - MasterBRISBANE RIVER SS, QLD1422239.0
3658Tunnel VisionImpulseMichael Babbage2336412.0
4672Gold DiggerImpulseDavid Mann - SeniorPORT CURTIS SC, QLD3764215.0
5688Grey MatterImpulseMark PhillipsBAYVIEW YRA, NSW10443516.0
6453Mr PlowImpulseGuy Bellamy - SeniorTERALBA ASC, NSW12855624.0
7625Hakuna MatataImpulsePeter Watson - GMasterTERALBA ASC, NSW424 (DNC)78726.0
8675The FuzzImpulseDean Crowley - MasterTERALBA ASC, NSW161391228.0
9486Jimmy KipperImpulseJim Peacock - SeniorTERALBA ASC, NSW711810934.0
10668Zero OneImpulseChad Fitzpatrick - SeniorTERALBA ASC, NSW51312111038.0
11681BullzyeImpulseSteven Bull - GGMaster1551117839.0
12547Dog Gone MadImpulseGlenn Bond - GMasterTOUKLEY SC, NSW11122171141.0
13679Mills & BoomImpulseMichael Mills - GGMasterRICHMOND RIVER S&RC, NSW815101424 (DNC)47.0
14647Time OutImpulseRoss Bradley - GGMasterSOUTH LAKE MACQUARIE ASC, NSW91415131450.0
15207WhateverImpulseJason Groves610201824 (DNC)54.0
16412Rapid PulseImpulseJustin Mitchell16992124 (DNC)55.0
17567BlonflyImpulseAlan Caldwell - GMaster201614121557.0
18548Hot EnglishImpulseRoger Freney - GGMaster181716151361.0
19469JaskaImpulseRobert Stephens - GGMasterTOUKLEY SC, NSW221819201673.0
20520Y Knot?ImpulseMal RedmondTERALBA ASC, NSW171922221775.0
21687UagabondImpulseRobert Fielding1924 (DNC)171624 (DNC)76.0
22619AlabamaImpulseCarl HarrisonTERALBA ASC, NSW2124 (DNC)181924 (DNC)82.0
23266TorchaImpulseBrian Goldsmith - GGMasterSOUTH LAKE MACQUARIE ASC, NSW24 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)1890.0
23 entrants.    

Race 126 Nov 2016

Fleet, Elapsed time results

1675The FuzzImpulseDean Crowley - Master0:29:581
2658Tunnel VisionImpulseMichael Babbage0:30:032
3672Gold DiggerImpulseDavid Mann - Senior0:30:233
4625Hakuna MatataImpulsePeter Watson - GMaster0:30:354
5668Zero OneImpulseChad Fitzpatrick - Senior0:30:455
6207WhateverImpulseJason Groves0:31:176
7486Jimmy KipperImpulseJim Peacock - Senior0:31:217
8679Mills & BoomImpulseMichael Mills - GGMaster0:31:458
9647Time OutImpulseRoss Bradley - GGMaster0:32:159
10688Grey MatterImpulseMark Phillips0:33:1210
11547Dog Gone MadImpulseGlenn Bond - GMaster0:33:2911
12453Mr PlowImpulseGuy Bellamy - Senior0:33:3212
13684King BrownImpulseMichael Brown - Senior0:34:1613
14570CosmosoarusImpulseDavid Harrison - Master0:34:2614
15681BullzyeImpulseSteven Bull - GGMaster0:35:5315
16412Rapid PulseImpulseJustin Mitchell0:36:1116
17520Y Knot?ImpulseMal Redmond0:37:4317
18548Hot EnglishImpulseRoger Freney - GGMaster0:37:5818
19687UagabondImpulseRobert Fielding0:39:0819
20567BlonflyImpulseAlan Caldwell - GMaster0:39:1220
21619AlabamaImpulseCarl Harrison0:39:1821
22469JaskaImpulseRobert Stephens - GGMaster0:39:3022

Race 226 Nov 2016

Fleet, Elapsed time results

1684King BrownImpulseMichael Brown - Senior0:59:141
2570CosmosoarusImpulseDavid Harrison - Master1:00:112
3658Tunnel VisionImpulseMichael Babbage1:01:023
4688Grey MatterImpulseMark Phillips1:01:324
5681BullzyeImpulseSteven Bull - GGMaster1:01:555
6675The FuzzImpulseDean Crowley - Master1:01:576
7672Gold DiggerImpulseDavid Mann - Senior1:02:407
8453Mr PlowImpulseGuy Bellamy - Senior1:03:328
9412Rapid PulseImpulseJustin Mitchell1:03:399
10207WhateverImpulseJason Groves1:04:0310
11486Jimmy KipperImpulseJim Peacock - Senior1:04:0611
12547Dog Gone MadImpulseGlenn Bond - GMaster1:04:1212
13668Zero OneImpulseChad Fitzpatrick - Senior1:04:5413
14647Time OutImpulseRoss Bradley - GGMaster1:05:4414
15679Mills & BoomImpulseMichael Mills - GGMaster1:06:0515
16567BlonflyImpulseAlan Caldwell - GMaster1:07:1016
17548Hot EnglishImpulseRoger Freney - GGMaster1:08:5817
18469JaskaImpulseRobert Stephens - GGMaster1:08:5918
19520Y Knot?ImpulseMal Redmond1:23:1919

Race 327 Nov 2016

Fleet, Elapsed time results

1684King BrownImpulseMichael Brown - Senior0:38:451
2570CosmosoarusImpulseDavid Harrison - Master0:39:012
3658Tunnel VisionImpulseMichael Babbage0:39:093
4688Grey MatterImpulseMark Phillips0:39:574
5453Mr PlowImpulseGuy Bellamy - Senior0:40:055
6672Gold DiggerImpulseDavid Mann - Senior0:40:176
7625Hakuna MatataImpulsePeter Watson - GMaster0:40:387
8486Jimmy KipperImpulseJim Peacock - Senior0:40:598
9412Rapid PulseImpulseJustin Mitchell0:41:059
10679Mills & BoomImpulseMichael Mills - GGMaster0:41:1010
11681BullzyeImpulseSteven Bull - GGMaster0:41:1511
12668Zero OneImpulseChad Fitzpatrick - Senior0:41:3412
13675The FuzzImpulseDean Crowley - Master0:41:5513
14567BlonflyImpulseAlan Caldwell - GMaster0:41:5814
15647Time OutImpulseRoss Bradley - GGMaster0:42:2715
16548Hot EnglishImpulseRoger Freney - GGMaster0:42:4816
17687UagabondImpulseRobert Fielding0:42:5017
18619AlabamaImpulseCarl Harrison0:43:1818
19469JaskaImpulseRobert Stephens - GGMaster0:43:2619
20207WhateverImpulseJason Groves0:44:0020
21547Dog Gone MadImpulseGlenn Bond - GMaster0:44:0221
22520Y Knot?ImpulseMal Redmond0:44:4822

Race 427 Nov 2016

Fleet, Elapsed time results

1684King BrownImpulseMichael Brown - Senior0:33:421
2570CosmosoarusImpulseDavid Harrison - Master0:33:502
3688Grey MatterImpulseMark Phillips0:34:253
4672Gold DiggerImpulseDavid Mann - Senior0:35:264
5453Mr PlowImpulseGuy Bellamy - Senior0:35:385
6658Tunnel VisionImpulseMichael Babbage0:35:426
7547Dog Gone MadImpulseGlenn Bond - GMaster0:35:467
8625Hakuna MatataImpulsePeter Watson - GMaster0:36:208
9675The FuzzImpulseDean Crowley - Master0:36:289
10486Jimmy KipperImpulseJim Peacock - Senior0:36:3710
11668Zero OneImpulseChad Fitzpatrick - Senior0:36:5411
12567BlonflyImpulseAlan Caldwell - GMaster0:37:5212
13647Time OutImpulseRoss Bradley - GGMaster0:37:5613
14679Mills & BoomImpulseMichael Mills - GGMaster0:38:3614
15548Hot EnglishImpulseRoger Freney - GGMaster0:38:5415
16687UagabondImpulseRobert Fielding0:38:5516
17681BullzyeImpulseSteven Bull - GGMaster0:39:0117
18207WhateverImpulseJason Groves0:39:1018
19619AlabamaImpulseCarl Harrison0:39:3019
20469JaskaImpulseRobert Stephens - GGMaster0:40:3020
21412Rapid PulseImpulseJustin Mitchell0:40:4421
22520Y Knot?ImpulseMal Redmond0:41:1022

Race 527 Nov 2016

Fleet, Elapsed time results

1684King BrownImpulseMichael Brown - Senior0:50:291
2672Gold DiggerImpulseDavid Mann - Senior0:51:012
3570CosmosoarusImpulseDavid Harrison - Master0:51:043
4658Tunnel VisionImpulseMichael Babbage0:51:364
5688Grey MatterImpulseMark Phillips0:51:525
6453Mr PlowImpulseGuy Bellamy - Senior0:53:476
7625Hakuna MatataImpulsePeter Watson - GMaster0:53:537
8681BullzyeImpulseSteven Bull - GGMaster0:54:118
9486Jimmy KipperImpulseJim Peacock - Senior0:54:189
10668Zero OneImpulseChad Fitzpatrick - Senior0:54:3010
11547Dog Gone MadImpulseGlenn Bond - GMaster0:54:3411
12675The FuzzImpulseDean Crowley - Master0:54:4812
13548Hot EnglishImpulseRoger Freney - GGMaster0:55:4413
14647Time OutImpulseRoss Bradley - GGMaster0:56:1214
15567BlonflyImpulseAlan Caldwell - GMaster0:57:1515
16469JaskaImpulseRobert Stephens - GGMaster0:58:1716
17520Y Knot?ImpulseMal Redmond0:58:4517
18266TorchaImpulseBrian Goldsmith - GGMaster0:58:5218
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