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Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
30 Oct 2016
Race 2
20 Nov 2016
Race 3
11 Dec 2016
Race 4
15 Jan 2017
Race 5
29 Jan 2017
Race 6
26 Feb 2017
Race 7
26 Mar 2017
Race 8
2 Apr 2017
Race 9
30 Apr 2017
11842HoopoeNs14Andrew Somerville
  Tegwyn Somerville
23672ImpulseFlying FifteenJim CallahanABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)45ABN53926.0
31789ImmunityMosquito SloopNeil JoinerABN183 (DUT)1ABN22171930.0
3V05NitroFormula FifteenMark JefferisABN5994ABN616630.0
5417White PointerEtchellsFleming RasmussenABN106523 (DNC)ABN7.521830.5
6G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter FarrellABN1519 (DNC)28ABN471132.0
74282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK Chris AveryABN919 (DNC)16ABN101124 (DNC)37.0
8505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian CollinsABN24 (DNC)4711ABN27 (DNC)10739.0
982GhostDragonJohn JohnsonABN131117 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN1624 (DNC)48.0
103611Ten Pound NoteFlying FifteenTrevor WilliamsABN619 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)4.5248.5
113880Where The Bloody Hell Are YouFlying FifteenCraig RaineyABN819 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)1449.0
12247GrowlerEtchellsKevin BrownABN1719 (DNC)312ABN1923 (DNF)152.0
131830Still BittenMosquito SloopGary MaskiellABN41517 (DNC)2ABN27 (DNC)182156.0
131406Tenth Prime29erJasmine FrancisABN319 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN924 (DNC)856.0
153931Wow!Flying FifteenMichael ClarkABN7117 (DNC)10ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)59.0
163099Molly 'O'Flying FifteenJohn FoleyABN12317 (DNC)8 (DUT)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)64.0
171775Karma CatMosquito Cat + SpinTim ShepperdABN219 (DNC)17 (DNC)3ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)65.0
184040Fforty FfortyFlying FifteenBill ShandABN24 (DNC)1417 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN164.51465.5
193130Supertoy 12.5125Brian CarrollABN1119 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN12924 (DNC)68.0
20128815Cool RunningLaser RadialBrod LangABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)1122 (DNF)ABN27 (DNC)14571.0
201567Itchy FeetNoelex 30/Farr 940 Norbert HroudaABN201317 (DNC)14ABN1124 (DNC)1671.0
22189SidewinderDragonDavid GriffithsABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN324 (DNC)1072.0
235RaptorCastle 550 Ron PeelABN1819 (DNC)17 (DNC)13ABN7.524 (DNC)24 (DNC)74.5
243035LongnoseAdams 13Frank NottABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)823 (DNC)ABN171224 (DNC)79.0
251804Bills BoatSabreEthan PerryABN24 (DNC)101023 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)1582.0
26C26KateCavalier 26Harry StephensABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN12 (DUT)24 (DNC)1283.0
273572Reliance 17Flying FifteenRod GardinerABN23 (DNF)516 (DNF)22 (DNF)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)90.0
2812856ZephyrLaser RadialJaime ZizmanABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)824 (DNC)91.0
29939By InvitationNoelex 25 Buster HooperABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)9ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)93.0
29141947LaserLaser RadialNeil ZizmanABN1919 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)1524 (DNC)93.0
29446Banana BoatSabreEthan PerryABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)1218ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)2093.0
321790Bee AlertMosquito Cat + SpinPeter NikitinABN24 (DNC)717 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)95.0
32625BlueSabreKen ThomasABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)1315ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)95.0
34989Class ActNoelex 25 Ian McDonaldABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN1324 (DNC)24 (DNC)96.0
3414Helter SkelterSth. Coast 22AJohn DingeyABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)1396.0
3611The LemonStatus 580Michael ChapmanABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN1424 (DNC)24 (DNC)97.0
373125Inside Joke125Charlie BroomhallABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN1524 (DNC)24 (DNC)98.0
38M25SireneMacGregor 25 TSNick EremiaABN1619 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)99.0
3928113Wed WakattTopperNigel EmersonABN24 (DNC)1217 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)100.0
39342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark FrancisABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)16ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)100.0
392950Brian LloydPacerW/oSpinPaul Wilson
  Sam Mcvilly
ABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)17100.0
39366Never Too OldSabreLouise SouthABN24 (DNC)1716 (DNF)23 (DNC)ABN2024 (DNC)24 (DNC)100.0
43733MambareNoelex 25 Steve JenesABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)17ABN2524 (DNC)24 (DNC)101.0
433005Rocket Cow125Mark JefferisABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)22 (DNF)ABN27 (DNC)1924 (DNC)101.0
43101Joe BlowSpitfireJohn Foley
  Noelene Foley
ABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN1824 (DNC)24 (DNC)101.0
46765PicnicSabreEthan PerryABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN242024 (DNC)103.0
471467RumMosquitoSteve JenesABN2119 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)104.0
47M678Steely DanAdams 40 CruisingBrian ClagueABN24 (DNC)1617 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)24 (DNC)104.0
471800Storm WarningMosquito CatSteve DuffABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)2124 (DNC)104.0
47923Time FliesSonata 8 Neil SmithABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN2124 (DNC)24 (DNC)104.0
511750MossieMosquito SloopJaime Zizman
  Darcy Stringer
ABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN27 (DNC)24 (DNC)22105.0
52708Deadly Chicken125Jack ChapmanABN24 (DNC)19 (DNC)17 (DNC)23 (DNC)ABN2324 (DNC)24 (DNC)106.0
62 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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