Altona Yacht Club Regattas
40th 125 Dinghy Australian Championships 2016

Series scores

Fleet - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
30 Dec 2016
Race 2
30 Dec 2016
Race 3
31 Dec 2016
Race 4
31 Dec 2016
Race 5
31 Dec 2016
Race 6
2 Jan 2017
Race 7
2 Jan 2017
Race 8
3 Jan 2017
13191Screaming Goats125Jim Scott
  Alicia Scott
Altona YC213121329.0
23195Going Gonzo125Nic Mariani
  Alex Thomson
Nedlands YC3212622812.0
33158Bullet Steel125James O'Brien
  Amy O'Brien
Altona YC14581419 (DNF)116.0
43139Carnivore125Peter Henderson
  Caleb Henderson
Coffin Bay YC4364331317.0
53125VInside Joke125Charlie Broomhall
  Taj Duff
Gippsland Lakes YC5647519 (DNF)6531.0
63176Beyond Expectations125Stuart Johnson
  Bianca Scott
Black Rock YC87868105741.0
73147Fast Forward125Justin Bakker
  Charlotte Hall
Hornsby Kuringai PCYC681399741143.0
83130Supertoy 12.5125Brian Carroll
  Oskar Watkinson
Gippsland Lakes YC919 (OCS)25719 (DNF)19 (DNF)446.0
93137Summerdaze125Felix Browning
  Cally Browning
South of Perth YC19 (DNF)511.534619 (DNF)19 (DSQ)48.5
103005Rocket Cow125Mark Jefferis
  Melody Jefferis
Gippsland Lakes YC141071110571049.0
113166Boarlistic125Geoff Craig
  Hugh Craig
Elwood SC7911.51011819 (DNF)651.0
123060Strange Brew125Bruce Hart
  Caitlin Hurly
Parkdale YC10111512131181465.0
133136Inertia125Ken Williamson
  Frank-Sandra Nielsen
Altona YC1314101515991570.0
142243Nanny Piggins125Morwenna Griffiths
  Joshua Griffiths/Hunt
Black Rock YC12139161219 (DNF)101672.0
153126Luna Sea125Robert McQuade
  Alison Penington
Elwood SC1112161319 (DNC)19 (DNC)19 (DNC)980.0
162643Odds 'n Ends125Evan Gaulke
  Ida-Hugo Gaulke
Somers YC151618141419 (DNC)19 (DNC)1390.0
173145Chilled Out125Thor North
  Leo North
Altona YC19 (DNF)1514181619 (DNC)19 (DNC)19 (DNC)101.0
172111Rule Number 6125Chris Carboon
  Charlie-Dannielle-Ella Carboon
Parkdale YC19 (DNC)19 (DNC)17171719 (DNF)19 (DNC)12101.0
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