Gippsland Lakes YC Regatta
Catamaran Championship - Overall

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
30 Oct 2010
Race 2
30 Oct 2010
Race 3
30 Oct 2010
Race 4
30 Oct 2010
11789ImmunityMosquitoNeil Joiner
  David Joiner
21760Thrice BittenMosquitoGary Maskiell22478.0
2334TanglesTaipan 4.9 SloopKingsley Pursch
  Lisa Pursch
41816UnkoMosquitoMatt Stone64329.0
5171UforiaTaipan 4.9 CatSteven Floyd35922 (DNF)17.0
61790Bee AlertMosquitoPeter Nikitin41151420.0
71747CatalystMosquitoMitch Meade10710522.0
71792VeloceMosquitoAndrew Neeson796922.0
91888Rusty NuttsF18Chase Lurati888824.0
101775Karma CatMosquitoTim Shepperd111011425.0
111759Dances with wavesMosquitoDavid Emonson22 (DNF)187631.0
12882Queen of HeartAClassDave Hart5622 (DNC)22 (DNF)33.0
132530Ninth LifeF18David Howard1212151236.0
142901Tiger delicPaper TigerTony Hastings1313131137.0
151808Grey MatterMosquitoRobert Lott22 (DNF)14141038.0
161819Chat BlancMosquitoSimon Clavin1415121339.0
173038The mystory tigerPaper TigerMax Dogger1719171549.0
174GetawayHobie GetawayAndrew Somerville1617161749.0
17246Far CanalTaipan 4.9 SloopAlex Fievez15161822 (DNC)49.0
20718Polly EsterPaper TigerDarryl Belskyj182022 (DNF)1654.0
212HobieHobie GetawayBen Hennessy22 (DNC)22 (DNC)22 (DNF)22 (DNC)66.0
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