2016 Queenscliff to Geelong (Sailed 14/1/2017)

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

14 Jan 2017
1HA720Poco LocoMasrm 720C 3Graeme Smith11.0
2938Silver ShadowNoelex 25 3Toby Leppin22.0
3744TainuiNoelex 25 3Ron Parker33.0
4SM521Vintage RedNoelex 25 3John Mole44.0
5696Paradise CityNoelex 25 3Dean Hansen55.0
6832Night CrossingNoelex 25 1Adrian Cassar66.0
718LarosUltimate 18 DK 2Len Hatfield77.0
8384AlanaUltimate 18 SK 1Ray Cassar88.0
9991FrontlinerNoelex 25 3Brad Jones14 (DNF)14.0
9G5225Miracle MileElliott 7.04Jono McLean14 (DNF)14.0
9C7504Brian Murphy14 (DNF)14.0
93031JuniperTimpenny 670 2Alex Stroud14 (DNF)14.0
9147PipaliniCastle 650 3Mitchell Bayliss14 (DSQ)14.0
39 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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