Rye Yacht Club
2018-19 Rye Aggregate Series

Series entrants

Division A - Personal handicap

155 StarB 63 Ermanno Vittoria
  Matthew Vittoria
777IterraNoelex 25 Andrew Wallace
  Janine Wallace
965Blue EyeMinnowJack Derrick
1003Good Times 2SabreSally Naismith
1193WonnimMinnowEmily Marthick
1200Pier PressureMinnowTaihere Crawford
1219TBAMinnowSpencer McKenzie
1393TBAMinnowLachlan Brain
1906Wild Oats 2Rs Feva XlJackson Locke
  Ethan Locke
3055SkyhootTimpenny 670 David Myers
  Katie Myers
3098FreedomTimpenny 670 Peter Kinsman
  James Major
5468BictomicaO'Pen BicIsaac To
7367Old TurtleO'Pen BicDeclan Styant-browne
7406TBAO'Pen BicLiam Easton
7443BicO'Pen BicMia Holland
7488TBAO'Pen BicWill Ridgeway
7652TBAO'Pen BicBailey Wallace
8027TBAO'Pen BicJackson Locke
9185Little RipperO'Pen BicArabella Winter
9543TBAO'Pen BicEddie Barron
10449TBAO'Pen BicIsabelle Matthews
10449TBAO'Pen BicElla Fletcher

Division B - Personal handicap

93The ChaserPacerRod Naismith
  Stephanie Naismith
  Sally Naismith
770FelixSabreNils Anderson
1141Malagara IISabreTrudy Clarke
1618ScorpionSabreLena Thomas
1736ArgoSabreRebecca Marthick
1910Black MagicSabreKurt Gysi
1978TackerSabreVal Smith
2119RedTasarDean Roberts
  Carol Roberts
6831RS-FevaRs Feva XlCharlotte Ridgeway
  Latisha Davenport
156727ElaLaser RadialGraeme Sharp
177066RubyLaser RadialChris Campbell

Division C - Personal handicap

11Midnight FuryF16 CatRod Tate
215Sea N'SeeViper SloopClaire Campbell
  Andrew Foster
215Sea N'SeeViper SloopTony Campbell
  Kye Young
215Sea N'SeeViper SloopGordon Hyde
  Tony Campbell
331Monster HunterTornado ClassicGerald O'Dowd
  Tony Campbell
853Weekend WarriorA Class (Standard)Bob Cooper
1048Cinnamon GirlMosquito SloopTim Sansom
1363AllchemyMosquito Cat + SpinAndrew Schnull
1655Lemon PeelMosquito SloopKye Young
1717CatmandoMosquito CatTim Sansom
1747SFJFMosquito Cat + SpinDoug Matthews
1772 CatWhaka YeahMosquito Cat + SpinGavin Wall
1822The Unsent LetterMosquito Cat + SpinPeter Lyons
1824Beckit - Cat & SpinMosquito Cat + SpinLuke Marthick
1828One More ToyMosquito Sloop + SpinTrevor Armstrong
2115Scaredy CatPaper TigerGerald Tate
2998WOFTAMPaper TigerRussell Matthews
18629NevadaMosquito CatIsaac Walls
  Ron Caddy

Division D - Personal handicap

545TbaPacerSally Naismith
  Stephanie Naismith
904SupermattMinnowCampbell Matthews
1190FireballMinnowJack Marthick
1191UltimattMinnowGeorgia Matthews
1192HobbymattMinnowIsabelle Matthews
1193WonnimMinnowEmily Marthick
1196MeanowMinnowLachlan Schey
1211Lime LightMinnowJoel Schey
1906Wild Oats 2Rs Feva XlJackson Locke
  Ethan Locke
6836RS-FevaRs Feva XlElana Vitalich
  Katia Vitalich
7400Bic 'O' BenO'Pen BicBen Hodder
7443BicO'Pen BicMia Holland
74487448O'Pen BicWill Ridgeway
7652TBAO'Pen BicBailey Wallace
8257OverflowO'Pen BicGrace To
8829PopeyeO'Pen BicHamish Cowell
8849TurtleO'Pen BicChris Campbell
177066RubyLaser RadialLachlan Sharp
193004TBALaser 4.7Hudson Fletcher
193004TBALaser 4.7Lachlan Sharp
194945TBALaser 4.7Will Daniels
194945TBALaser 4.7Lachlan Sharp

Division E - Personal handicap

1406ASA29erEd Fuggle
  Charlie Sansom
1574Pepe Le Pew29erJaimee Wall
  Alex Dunne
6836RS-FevaRs Feva XlClaire Campbell
  Annie Sharp
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