Carrum Sailing Motor Boat Club
Pre Xmas Series2017-18

Series scores

Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1 Pre xmas
17/18 Long Course

1 Oct 2017
Race 2 Short course
8 Oct 2017
Race 3 Short Course
8 Oct 2017
Race 4 Sternchaser
15 Oct 2017
Race 5

22 Oct 2017
Race 6 Winter Course
29 Oct 2017
Race 7 Long Beach
Carrum Heat 1

12 Nov 2017
Race 8 Winter Course
19 Oct 2017
Race 10

26 Nov 2017
1CS2Captain MoonliteBush Ranger C Flanagan1ABNABN1ABNABNABN3ABN5.00.0
2123EskimoCareel 22 L K Blencowe3ABNABN2ABNABNABN2ABN7.02.5
3CS1Bushranger V1Bush Ranger R Cole2ABNABN3 (DUT)ABNABNABN4ABN9.00.0
4402Magic BusCareel 18R Naughtin13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN1ABN27.00.0
5163CasperCareel 18C Hair13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
5452IndulgenceCareel 18S Murphy13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
539727KlutzLaserTBA 13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
51926Le MogPaper TigerTBA 13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
5N/KSophie Angela 2ImpulseTBA 13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
5141893Tiger Lily 2LaserTBA 13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
51TurkeyLaserTBA 13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
598967ZiraMirrorTBA 13 (DNC)ABNABN13 (DNC)ABNABNABN13 (DNC)ABN39.00.0
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