Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Lifebuoy & Bell Trophy

Series scores

Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
15 Oct 2017
Race 2
22 Oct 2017
Race 3
5 Nov 2017
Race 4
19 Nov 2017
Race 5
26 Nov 2017
Race 6
17 Dec 2017
Race 7
21 Jan 2018
Race 8
28 Jan 2018
Race 9
11 Feb 2018
Race 10
18 Feb 2018
1247GrowlerEtchellsKevin Brown
  Colin Lamble
22 (DNC)224 (DNC)343 (DUT)1038336.0
2G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell
  Anne Delahay
3.54143 (DUT)11511411543.5
3505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins3.5615101373129252.5
41990Bear AllNs14Andrew Somerville
  Tegwyn Somerville
22 (DNC)1725148111021 (DNC)58.0
54282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK Chris Avery
  Lesley Avery
71211168921321 (DNC)1072.0
63880Where The Bloody Hell Are YouFlying FifteenCraig Rainey
  Ian Rainey
119912618.511421 (DNC)1173.0
7417White PointerEtchellsFlemming Rasmussen623 (DNC)5 (DUT)22 (DNC)72015121 (DNC)5 (DUT)80.0
83611Ten Pound NoteFlying FifteenTrevor Williams97.51322 (DNC)2161325 (DNC)21 (DNC)990.5
93099Molly 'O'Flying FifteenJohn Foley
  Noelene Foley
27.519821 (DNC)1224 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)494.5
10625BlueSabreKen Thomas22 (DNC)23 (DNC)811381725 (DNC)521 (DNC)95.0
113672ImpulseFlying FifteenJim Callahan121016.5921 (DNC)2224 (DNC)25 (DNC)46100.5
121406Tenth Prime29erCharlie Broomhall
  Luca Vuat
22 (DNC)13522 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)192121 (DNC)104.0
123035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott22 (DNC)116191324 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)104.0
14128658True NorthLaserNeil Zizman131824 (DNC)1821 (DNC)17471413.5104.5
151789ImmunityMosquito SloopNeil Joiner22 (DNC)7 (DUT)122 (DNC)21 (DNC)124 (DNC)1921 (DNC)21 (DNC)113.0
151830Still BittenMosquito Sloop + SpinGary Maskiell
  Oskar Watkinson
22 (DNC)19222 (DNC)21 (DNC)224 (DNC)521 (DNC)21 (DNC)113.0
172109Supertoy ContendsContenderBrian Carroll17 (DUT)24 (DNC)421 (DNC)1524 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)114.0
181590Silver CloudNoelex 30/Farr 940 Mark Holter171724 (DNC)1321 (DNC)26 (DNC)7621 (DNC)13.5115.5
191567Itchy FeetNoelex 30/Farr 940 Norbert Hrouda1423 (DNC)1022 (DNC)142111 (DUT)821 (DNC)21 (DNC)120.0
20V05NitroFormula FifteenMark Jefferis11 (DUT)1521521 (DNC)26 (DNC)1225 (DNC)20 (DNF)21 (DNC)126.0
211751Gone ViralMosquito SloopJaime Zizman
  Ben Bockman
821322 (DNC)21 (DNC)1024 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)127.0
223005Rocket Cow125Melody Jefferis
  Enola Jefferis
22 (DNC)31821 (DNF)126 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)131.0
234040Fforty FfortyFlying FifteenBill Shand
  David Parish
22 (DNC)23 (DNC)12151026 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)8135.0
2414Helter SkelterSth. Coast 22AJohn Dingey22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)18.56920 (DNF)21 (DNC)139.5
25446Yellow BoatSabreDaniel Paganella22 (DNC)23 (DNC)2071826 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)621 (DNC)141.0
251218Wicked WeaselMinnowTaj Duff22 (DNC)1424 (DNC)171226 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)721 (DNC)141.0
27514WaterworksNacra5.5Aaron Manuell22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)1926 (DNC)24 (DNC)15216143.0
27342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis1523 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)624 (DNC)25 (DNC)11 (DUT)21 (DNC)143.0
293125Inside Joke125Angus Stringer
  Daniel Paganella
1823 (DNC)24 (DNC)621 (DNC)1124 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)145.0
3082GhostDragonJohn Johnson2023 (DNC)41421 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)148.0
311775Karma CatMosquito Cat + SpinTim Shepperd22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)424 (DNC)1621 (DNC)21 (DNC)150.0
327008Ripping YarnsThompson 7 David Griffiths16524 (DNC)1921 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)151.0
33128815Cool RunningLaser RadialPhilly Lang523 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)1720 (DNF)21 (DNC)153.0
341790Bee AlertMosquito Cat + SpinPeter Nikitin22 (DNC)2024 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)324 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)154.0
35446Yellow BoatSabreAngus Stringer22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)20321 (DNC)156.0
36036Time BanditCastle 650 Roger Burnett22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)14211321 (DNC)157.0
372929BurrunanTasarAndrew Sayle22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)1158.0
3716Waza RagerRoss 780 (Mod)David Homewood22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)1526 (DNC)24 (DNC)1021 (DNC)21 (DNC)158.0
391984Weapon Of ChoiceSabreTim Heaney22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)525 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)159.0
40708Deadly Chicken125Mark Francis22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)925 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)163.0
41600Cosmic SedsoRL 24 DK Paul Corben22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)7164.0
425RaptorCastle 550 Ron Peel1023 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)166.0
433641Jack's ToySailfishBrian Carroll22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)12169.0
43733MambareNoelex 25 Brett Stafford22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)1221 (DNC)169.0
431842HoopoeNs14Neil Smith21 (DUT)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)25 (DNS)1625 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)169.0
46366Never Too OldSabreLouise South22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)2025 (DNC)21 (DNC)17170.0
475Francis JnrPacerW/oSpinJasmine Francis22 (DNC)23 (DNC)16.522 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)170.5
489018Card Sharks505Andrew McC22 (DNC)1624 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)171.0
49502Oskar WildMinnowOskar Watkinson22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)15172.0
49101Joe BlowSpitfireJohn Foley22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)1821 (DNC)21 (DNC)172.0
4928113Wed WocketTopperNigel Emerson22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)1825 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)172.0
52448CintraSabreAngus Stringer22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)1626 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)173.0
533019Full CircleTimpenny 770 SK Rod Gardiner22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)1726 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)174.0
5312856Chill PillLaser RadialEthen Perry22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)222320 (DNF)21 (DNC)174.0
55870EscapadeNoelex 25 Cameron Ritter22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)2125 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)175.0
552950Brian LloydPacerW/oSpinPaul Wilson22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)18175.0
552950Brian LloydPacerW/oSpinArcher Manuell1923 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)175.0
58G189NutmegEndeavour 24D Williams22 (DNC)23 (DNC)2222 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)176.0
58448CintraSabreDaniel Paganella22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)2221 (DNC)21 (DNC)176.0
60446Banana BoatSabreArcher Manuell22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)2324 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)21 (DNC)177.0
601804Bills BoatSabreSteve Duff22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)20 (DNF)21 (DNC)177.0
60990SwiftMinnowSara Melrose22 (DNC)23 (DNC)24 (DNC)22 (DNC)21 (DNC)26 (DNC)24 (DNC)25 (DNC)21 (DNC)20 (RET)177.0
64 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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