Bendigo Yacht Club

Series scores

Division 1 - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
5 Jan 2018
Race 2
12 Jan 2018
Race 3
20 Jan 2018
Race 4
2 Feb 2018
Race 5
9 Feb 2018
Race 6
16 Feb 2018
Race 7
23 Feb 2018
12826AquaplaneTasarChris Clarke
  Toby Clarke
32221725 (DNC)10.0
21129Wind SpielSabreJohn Cooper5525 (DNC)25 (DNC)435 (DNF)22.0
3236Alpha Omega 5.0Hughbert Alexander25 (DNC)7 (DNF)55395 (DNF)25.0
41414SabreAlan Beavis25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)356140.0
5680ImpulseSteve Phillis25 (DNC)25 (DNC)1125 (DNC)25 (DNC)254.0
62491Think Positive IITasarHugo Dunlop2425 (DNC)25 (DNC)225 (DNC)25 (DNC)58.0
7193031LaserMick Floyd25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)425 (DNC)125 (DNC)80.0
72079KalamazooTasarBrett Houlden25 (DNC)1425 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)80.0
92591HawkeyeTasarMark Hawkins
  Elliott Hawkins
25 (DNC)3325 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)81.0
1022222Laser 4.7Adam Poyser25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)7225 (DNC)84.0
111343GustySabreDi Floyd25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)7 (DNF)25 (DNC)425 (DNC)86.0
12177066Laser RadialTait Poyser25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)9825 (DNC)92.0
133112Trilogy125Dan Forbes125 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)101.0
14925SterlingSabreLil Maher425 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)104.0
15540CwaverSabreJohn Maher25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)525 (DNC)105.0
16359SabreRon Mason25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)625 (DNC)25 (DNC)106.0
1689QueenSabreRain Forbes625 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)106.0
18540CwaverSabreJohn Maher25 (DNC)25 (DNC)7 (DNF)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)107.0
191ArkSabotOscar Forbes8 (DNF)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)108.0
191856Paper TigerAnton Beens25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)825 (DNC)25 (DNC)108.0
213112Trilogy125Rain Forbes25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)1025 (DNC)110.0
222802APaper TigerAnton Beens25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)25 (DNC)1125 (DNC)111.0
24 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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