Gippsland Lakes YC Regatta
Easter Regatta 2018

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubClassic 30
31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018
Round the Island
1 Apr 2018
Vic triangle
2 Apr 2018
11406Tenth Prime29erCharlie Broomhall60 (DNC)1111112210.0
21940Top Gun Jet Fighter Stuff29erPat Distefano60 (DNC)522.522227547.5
3321ProspectorFlying DutchmanColin McLeod60 (DNC)34460 (DNF)542117118.0
47Prospecting 2Flying DutchmanMark Henger60 (DNC)232.533360 (DNC)60 (DNC)136.5
5163901Weasel On EdgeLaser 4.7Taj Duff60 (DNC)4560 (DNC)4460 (DNC)32.514183.5
6446Banana Boat - EthanSabreEthen Perry60 (DNC)10860 (DNC)8760 (DNC)5227232.0
71804Bills BoatSabreAnthony Despard60 (DNC)8760 (DNC)7660 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)268.0
8128658True NorthLaserNeil Zizman60 (DNC)7960 (DNC)660 (DNC)60 (DNC)4425271.0
9128815Cool RunningLaser RadialPhilly Lang60 (DNC)6660 (DNC)560 (DNS)60 (DNC)4260 (RET)299.0
101830Still BittenMosquito Sloop + SpinGary Maskiell160 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)11303.0
113099Molly OFlying FifteenJohn Foley
  Noelene Foley
460 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)38315.0
12159WhateverRL 24 SK Darryn Dyer360 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)133319.0
13147PipaliniCastle 650 Mitch Bayliss
  Keith Bayliss
1060 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)410324.0
14GBR802TarakonaDragonHugh Howard1260 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)94325.0
153035RelienceTimpenny 670 Bill Shand660 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)1113330.0
16176Amazing GraceDragonCharles StantonRBYC1160 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)14.57332.5
171757Bucking HellMosquito Cat SpinPete Kiely260 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)239334.0
183 Quiet Little DrinkElliott 5.9 Andrew Somerville1560 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)1018343.0
193031JuniperTimpenny 670 SXXAlex Stroud1460 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)2411349.0
20m15Fake NewsThompson 7 Graham Alexander1660 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)1720353.0
21G101ChibizuluZulu mini tonnerPeter Farrell2160 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)14.519354.5
221746Double ShotMosquito Cat SpinClancy McColl860 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3816362.0
231751Gone ViralMosquito Sloop SpinJamie Zizman760 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4115363.0
24C750Fat Bottom GirlColson 750 OAK Brian Murphy1960 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)2623368.0
25AUS351Charter WorldViper SloopBrook Felthensal560 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)560 (DNC)370.0
261017BobA Class (Flying)Mitch Meade960 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)760 (DNS)376.0
27342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis1860 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3722377.0
28873ReboundA Class (Classic)Neil Maskiell2360 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3026379.0
292756FawkesFlying Fifteen Mk 1Scott Voller60 (DNF)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)812380.0
29670HydrsaurusHydraDarrin Tomison1360 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4324380.0
312109Supertoy ContendsContenderBrian Carroll60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)196385.0
32862White NoiseEtchellsStuart Loft2060 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)2060 (DNC)400.0
33505It's AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)2221403.0
341567Itchy FeetNoelex 30Norbert Hrounda2460 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3460 (DNC)418.0
35V306SknotFarrier F22R TriChris Culph60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)660 (DNC)426.0
36nw339SaracenUnknown triNick Rutter2260 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4560 (DNC)427.0
37366Never To OldSabreLouise South60 (DNC)960 (DNS)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)429.0
3827059Triple ExpressoCorsair F28 TriAndrew McColl60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)1260 (DNC)432.0
3982GhostDragonJono Johnson60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)1660 (DNC)436.0
40970No ExcusesNoelex 25 Mark McLellan1760 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)437.0
4177Dark AngelSpider 24 MK 2 Glen Wilson60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)1860 (DNC)438.0
421789ImmunityMosquito Sloop (Mk11)Neil Joiner60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)2560 (DNC)445.0
4378LuckylastMagnum 8.5 Mark Lainson60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)2860 (DNC)448.0
44939By InvitationNoelex 25 Buster Hooper60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)2960 (DNC)449.0
45247GrowlerEtchellsKevin Brown60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3160 (DNC)451.0
46203Flat Bottom Girli 550Tom Renshaw60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)32.560 (RET)452.5
47923Time FliesSonata 26 Neil Smith60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3560 (DNC)455.0
48417White PointerEtchellsFleming Rasmussen60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3660 (DNC)456.0
49sa316ChampagneMagnum 8.5 Terry Quilliam60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)3960 (DNC)459.0
50793Rising SunElliot 7.4(TS)Troy Porter60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4060 (DNC)460.0
515922MaraNorthshore33Drew Maynard60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4660 (DNC)466.0
52AUS 6The Goat Was Satan470Matt Renshaw60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4760 (DNC)467.0
53h28JanessaHerreshoff22Adrian Aitken60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4860 (RET)468.0
5485WatermarkMagnum 8.5 Terry Skitt60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)4960 (DNC)469.0
55mg836Ruby RedMagnum 8.5 Tony Robinson60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)5060 (DNC)470.0
5694MagicMagnum 8.5 Andrew Forrest60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)5160 (DNC)471.0
573019Full CircleTimpenny 770 SK Rod Gardiner60 (DNF)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)60 (DNC)480.0
59 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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