Gippsland Lakes YC Regatta
2018 Minnow Traveller series

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubrace 1
28 Apr 2018
race 2
28 Apr 2018
Race 3
28 Apr 2018
race 4
29 Apr 2018
11199LionheartMinnowSam Backwell11215.0
21203MaverickMinnowAngus McIntyre221510.0
31215Salt And PepperMinnowCassie McCarthy333413.0
41194Quantum LeapMinnowTom Warner945220.0
51218Wicked WeaselMinnowTaj Duff1057325.0
61221OrcaMinnowLucas James6104626.0
7623KechupMinnowWill James4761027.0
71149Blue Eye 3??MinnowArchie O'Brien568827.0
91145Blondes WayMinnowChloe Warner8910734.0
10866UltraMinnowFred O'Brien78121138.0
111041 Vegemite RhinocerosMinnowCharley McCarthy11119940.0
12990SwiftMinnowSara Melrose12121120 (DNS)55.0
13754GarfieldMinnowFelix Fry14141320 (DNS)61.0
1429DriftwoodMinnowSam McVilly13131820 (DNS)64.0
15453Wild WeaselMinnowHarry Booth15.5161620 (DNS)67.5
151205Sam I AmMinnowJay Cleland15.5151720 (DNS)67.5
17299Knot A Pink BoatMinnowTegwyn Somerville17171420 (DNS)68.0
18105JediMinnowEmily Melrose18181520 (DNS)71.0
19190TitanicMinnowJobe Paaliew20 (DNS)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)20 (DNS)80.0
19 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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