Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club
Winter Series 2018

Series scores

Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
29 Apr 2018
Race 2
27 May 2018
Race 3
24 Jun 2018
Race 4
22 Jul 2018
Race 5
26 Aug 2018
Race 6
9 Sep 2018
Race 7
23 Sep 2018
1stopStop The ClockAustral 20Steve Beashel446834122.0
2Sund550Sunday AnticsCastle 550Greg Heins28272611 (DNC)27.0
3ultUltima ThuleUltimate 18 DKStuart MacKinnon93103102330.0
4MojoMojoSonata 6.7 MK 1David Holter3104658 (DNC)733.0
5TanTaninaSonata 26Peter Mosbey19511 (DNC)4511 (DNC)35.0
6quiQuiksilverNoelex 30/Farr 940Greg Power56311 (DNC)68 (DNC)836.0
7supSuperfootSeaway 25Chris Wragg11 (DNC)712 (DNC)278 (DNC)439.0
8hot FBHot StuffCole 23 FBMMario Barbieri812 (DNC)9488 (DNC)542.0
9OffOff Shore Account (2 Spins)Ross 780 (Assy & Sym)Simon Morris712 (DNC)1912 (DNC)311 (DNC)43.0
10pe44PanacheSonata 7Paul Cahir11 (DNC)12 (DNC)12 (DNC)11 (DNC)1111 (DNC)47.0
10TuscTuscanyAustral 24 FBMDerek Haagsma11 (DNC)512 (DNC)512 (DNC)8 (DNC)647.0
12safSaffireNoelex 25Mark Barclay612 (DNC)12 (DNC)11 (DNC)98 (DNC)248.0
13moo6819MoondancerFarr 7500Peter Banham11 (DNC)12 (DNC)7112 (DNC)8 (DNC)11 (DNC)50.0
14forC163Forever YoungCouta BoatByron Douglas11 (DNC)112 (DNC)11 (DNC)12 (DNC)8 (DNC)11 (DNC)54.0
15kKimmanderUltimate 18 DKDanny O'Hagan
  Ian March
11 (DNC)212 (DNC)11 (DNC)12 (DNC)8 (DNC)11 (DNC)55.0
16sar411SarahBinks 30Andrew Woodward
  Mick Garrett
11 (DNC)12 (DNC)811 (DNC)12 (DNC)8 (DNC)11 (DNC)61.0
17greGremlinSunmaid 20Oliver Hutt11 (DNC)12 (DNC)12 (DNC)11 (DNC)12 (DNC)8 (DNC)10 (DNF)64.0
24 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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