Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Unique Sails - Polar Bear Challenge
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Series scores

Division 1 - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
16 Jun 2012
Race 2
21 Jul 2012
Race 3
4 Aug 2012
Race 4
18 Aug 2012
Race 5
1 Sep 2012
Race 6
15 Sep 2012
13931Wow!Flying FifteenMichael Clark
234 (DNC)110 (DNC)212.0
22756FawkesFlying Fifteen Mk 1John Foley
  Noelene Foley
154 (DNC)4 (DNC)4114.0
35RaptorCastle 550 Ron Peel
  Denise Lamble
344 (DNC)4 (DNC)1516.0
4G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell8 (DNC)114 (DNC)6719.0
51658Happy HourSabreClancy McColl8 (DNC)94 (DNC)4 (DNC)210 (DNC)27.0
5V05NitroFormula FifteenMark Jefferis8 (DNC)84 (DNC)4 (DNC)7427.0
74000Relience 4kFlying FifteenBill Shand
  David Parish
8 (DNC)24 (DNC)4 (DNC)10 (DNC)10 (DNC)28.0
71760Thrice BittenMosquitoGary Maskiell8 (DNC)13 (DNC)4 (DNC)4 (DNC)9 (DNF)328.0
782GhostDragonJohn Johnson8 (DNC)74 (DNC)4 (DNC)510 (DNC)28.0
10938Pocket MaxiSabreAndrew McColl8 (DNC)114 (DNC)4 (DNC)310 (DNC)29.0
1191TarnaTumlarenJames Frecheville8 (DNC)13 (DNC)24 (DNC)10 (DNC)630.0
1216Waza RagerRoss 780 (Mod)David Homewood
  Sue Avery
513 (DNC)4 (DNC)4 (DNC)10 (DNC)831.0
13505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins
  Ian McDonald
413 (DNC)4 (DNC)4 (DNC)10 (DNC)10 (DNC)32.0
133055MissbehavinFlying FifteenMike Chapman
  Bette Chapman
8 (DNC)64 (DNC)4 (DNC)10 (DNC)10 (DNC)32.0
153861Supertoys Plays OnFlying FifteenBrian Carroll8 (DNC)13 (DNC)4 (DNC)210 (DNC)10 (DNC)34.0
15C26KateCavalier 26Harry Stephens
  Sandy McLeod
6104 (DNC)4 (DNC)10 (DNC)10 (DNC)34.0
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