Cleveland Yacht Club
Dr Foxton Memorial - Monos

Series scores

Division Monos - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
9 Sep 2018
Dr Foxton 3
23 Sep 2018
Race 3
14 Apr 2019
Race 4
14 Apr 2019
Race 5
15 Apr 2019
11641Speed BumpSabreRob Jackson123115.01.8
2310Moody BlueCorsairGreg Driver
  Colm Cahill
3Laser RadialOi MateLaser RadialCath Hornabrook3 (DUT)3 (DUT)8 (DNF)3413.00.0
42054Middle Age Madness125David Ashton8 (DNC)8 (DNC)14215.00.5
52922Don CleggPacerJohn Paech
  Matt Sailor
348 (DNC)8 (DNC)8 (DNC)23.00.0
612105X-YRLaserCraig Broadbent8 (DNC)38 (DNC)8 (DNC)8 (DNC)27.00.0
79717Hogward's ExpressHeronFelicia Stockdale8 (DNF)8 (DNC)8 (DNC)8 (DNC)8 (DNC)32.00.0
7 entrants.    
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