Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Unique Sails - Polar Bear Challenge - Juniors

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
16 Jun 2012
Race 2
7 Jul 2012
Race 3
7 Jul 2012
Race 4
21 Jul 2012
Race 5
4 Aug 2012
Race 6
1 Sep 2012
Race 7
15 Sep 2012
1243HammerheadOptimistMelody Jefferis11147 (DNC)7 (DNC)216.0
1453Wild WeaselMinnowCharlie Broomhall7 (DNC)3227 (DNC)1116.0
31770Bubble WrapSabreJessie-Anne Heaney7 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)12327.0
4265SplashMinnowEnola Jefferis247 (DNC)17 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNF)28.0
5754IndependentMinnowJules Heaney7 (DNF)27 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)37.0
6broomhallPacerPacerW/oSpinJessie-Anne Heaney7 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)37 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)38.0
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