Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubMordy Cup
6 Oct 2018
1835Psycho TherapySharpieGrant Nichols11.0
2847Nut HuggerzSharpieMarc Ablett22.0
3887$900 BoatSharpieDave Bretherton33.0
4827Princess LeahSharpieJimmy TBA44.0
5AUS738Screaming EagleSharpieJohn Radnall55.0
6202835ScallywagLaser RadialChris Meager66.0
7184232ChubbyLaserMike Champness77.0
8818Pork SwordSharpieIndeciferable TBA88.0
91750Polygon WoodSabreBruce Drewett99.0
1083Jurasic SnatchSharpieMatt Morris1010.0
111157AbstractSabreRod Dingfelder1111.0
121120My EscapeSabreJohn Hutton1212.0
13738JoanSabreDarrell Tregaer1313.0
141365No Crew No CrySabreLawrence Marsh1414.0
153477SchismMoth - FoilerJohn EmonseTSC19 (RET)19.0
15207866CactusLaser RadialMalcolm Parsons19 (DNF)19.0
15840Furnace Of AfflictionSharpieDrew Henry19 (RAF)19.0
15564UtopiaFlying AntJack Bretherton19 (DNF)19.0
18 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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