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Division 1 - Personal handicap

7 Oct 2018
Race 2
7 Oct 2018
Race 3
7 Oct 2018
Race 4
7 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018
Race 7
31 Mar 2019
Race 8
31 Mar 2019
Race 9
31 Mar 2019
Race 10
31 Mar 2019
1364-1654SCAT JNR + SCAT CATNacra 4.5 Super SloopColin Bilston214 (DSQ)311 (DUT)1 (DUT)144219.0
219BulletNacra 14 sq pintop spinCliff Smith314221532523.0
31571Now Or NeverNacra 5.8NA PintopTerry Truesdale
  Dan Truesdale
57614 (DNS)33253438.0
41342GillpopNacra 5.8NADerek Enslin9874414 (DNC)315344.0
51493ZingerNacra 5.8 Non Class LegalSteve Lawie
  Alenka Caserman
12161414 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)57.0
6501-364FITTY SCAT JUNIORNacra 350 Super SloopKris Bilston84235214 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)66.0
7611Ready Player 1Nacra 4.5 Super SloopDavid O'Driscoll714 (DNF)14 (DNF)14 (DNS)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)421171.0
81602The Phantom MenaceNacra 5.8NAAndre Retief
  Stuart Collins
46514 (DNS)614 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)91.0
9GetawayGetawayHobie GetawayAnthony Faulks103814 (DNS)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)7 (DUT)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)98.0
10560Thanks DadNacra 430 Super Sloop SpinJohn Grubba6514 (DNF)514 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)100.0
11179Double TroubleCobra CatRichard Peterson14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNF)14 (DNS)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)126.0
121450Right Way UpNacra 5.8NADave Hewson
  Ashley Dickson
4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)12372.0
131824Red HerringHobie TigerDave Redding
  Joel Redding
4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)14 (DNC)14 (DNC)4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)4096 (DUT)28700.0
13 entrants.    
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