Cairn Curran SC
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Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
13 Oct 2018
Race 2
10 Nov 2018
Race 3
8 Dec 2018
Race 4
2 Feb 2019
1692BeastImpulseRussell Denholm1121 (DUT)5.0
2616Fire In The SkyImpulseChas Thompson2 (DUT)2419.0
3262Moves Like JaggerFinnCraig Ginnivan23 (DUT)5313.0
4680Wilde NotsImpulseSteve Phillis483520.0
5240RoseSabreRay Eastwood967729.0
6636BathshebaImpulseMal McPherson34 (DUT)27 (DNC)438.0
7596Gone TroppoImpulsePeter Weiss65627 (DNC)44.0
8564ZephyrImpulsePeter Wilcock8 (DUT)927 (DNC)650.0
9250Final ThrustF18Joey Norris
  Steve Parson
71127 (DNC)853.0
101617Grey AreaSabreHarvey Jones101027 (DNC)1057.0
111310FoxHartley Ts 16 W/O MotorMark Teasdale
  Ralph Ballard
527 (DNC)27 (DNC)5 (DUT)64.0
1267CyclopsSabreMark Teasdale27 (DNC)27 (DNC)88 (DUT)70.0
1314943RockstarsFireballAndrew Kean
  Mabel Kean
11727 (DNC)27 (RET)72.0
141010 / 3100AeroticatPaper Tiger (2017)Glenn Weeks81227 (DNC)27 (DNC)74.0
151626DadningHartleyTs16Darren Ballard
  Tammy Ballard
27 (DNC)27 (DNC)127 (DNS)82.0
163052F FoxyFlying FifteenC Conn
  Darren Hocking
27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNC)283.0
1721Black JackFlying DutchmanPeter Bartels
  Darren Hocking
27 (DNC)327 (DNC)27 (DNC)84.0
18233IncredulousFinnC Conn27 (DNC)427 (DNC)27 (DNC)85.0
19815Old Timer IISabreRalph Ballard27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNC)990.0
19419FrenzySabreAndrew Kean27 (DNC)27 (DNC)927 (DNC)90.0
21419FrenzySabreJosh Hall27 (DNC)27 (DNF)27 (DNC)27 (DNC)108.0
211438AsterixSabreMabel Kean27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNF)27 (DNC)108.0
213311DunoFlying FifteenAlan Carson
  Darren Carson
27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNF)108.0
211750RedMosquito CatDavid Wilson27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNF)108.0
25234---FinnMax Fry27 (DNC)4096 (DUT)27 (DNC)27 (DNC)4177.0
253311DunoFlying FifteenMichael McCartney27 (DNC)27 (DNC)27 (DNC)4096 (DUT)4177.0
26 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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