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Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubSeries Race 1
21 Oct 2018
Series race 2
11 Nov 2018
Series Race 3
25 Nov 2018
Series Race 4
28 Dec 2018
Series Race 5
6 Jan 2019
Series Race 6
20 Jan 2019
Series Race 7
26 Jan 2019
Series Race 8
9 Mar 2019
Series Race 9
23 Feb 2019
1656Thunder Bird 1ImpulseAlastair FinlayPAYC1121118 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)244.0
22685MistySoloDavid Finlay18 (DNC)44518 (DNC)218 (DNC)2558.0
36420GunnaWindrush 4.3 Super SloopIan NicolPAYC218 (DNC)13218 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)163.0
4281No NameCorsairAndrew MacAulay
  Euan MacAulay
  David Moss
PAYC3518 (DNS)418 (DNC)318 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)87.0
52667Eclipse/LiberatchySoloMatt GallagherPAYC18 (DNC)318 (DNS)2318 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)98.0
6365David FinlayCorsairLibby NicolPAYC18 (DNC)218 (DNS)618 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)3101.0
767666SGT CoatesLaserBen Cooper18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)518 (DNC)54104.0
86420GunnaWindrush 4.3 Super SloopElsa Gallagher18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)118 (DNC)127.0
8365David FinlayCorsairAlastair Finlay18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)118 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)127.0
106359CAT'S WHISKERSWindrush 4.3 SloopANDREW MACAULAYPAYC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)318 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)129.0
1087DunnoSparrowMATT GALLAGHER18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)318 (DNC)129.0
12349Ian StewartSparrowJack Cooper18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)418 (DNC)130.0
12349PasserineSparrowJack Cooper18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNF)18 (DNC)418 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)130.0
144859INNA RUSHWindrush 4.3 SloopMATT GALLAGHERPACY18 (DNC)18 (DNC)518 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)131.0
1567666SGT CoatesLaserMatthew GallagherPAYC18 (DNS)18 (DNC)18 (DNS)718 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)133.0
16128690MerlinLaserAndrew MacAulay18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNF)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)144.0
17 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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