2012-13 Traveller Series

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubHeat 1-Barmera
29 Sep 2012
Heat 2-Barmera
29 Sep 2012
Heat 3-Rivoli Bay
3 Nov 2012
Heat 4-Rivoli Bay
3 Nov 2012
Heat 5-Largs Bay
6 Apr 2013
11800The Young MarinerMosquitoMkIISimon Hallsworth
  Ben Clark
2MosquitoMkIRoy DouglasNSC6518 (DNC)18 (DNC)332.0
21676Both BarrellsMosquitoMkIRick VerboonSYC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)55432.0
21691SmikMosquitoMkIBrad Spencer
  Trish Pollock
SYC888818 (DNC)32.0
51777Beyond A JokeMosquitoMkIPeter HallsworthSYC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)1218 (DNC)39.0
61732Just Do ItMosquitoMkISteve ThomasLBYC2218 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)40.0
71744bSplashes Of BrillianceMosquitoMkIPeter DunkLBYC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)3318 (DNC)42.0
71785Bear TalkMosquitoMkIGary JohnstoneLBYC3318 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)42.0
91786The MatrixMosquitoMkIMark PfennigLBYC4418 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)44.0
101372Jurassic KarpMosquitoWSpinMatt KirbyWarn SC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)6418 (DNC)46.0
101763Piston BrokeMosquitoMkISimon BoneNSC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)4618 (DNC)46.0
121744Splashes Of BrillianceMosquitoWSpinPeter DunkLBYC5618 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)47.0
131773SpotMosquitoMkIPeter NicholsonNSC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)7718 (DNC)50.0
141744cSplashes Of BrillianceMosquitoWSpinPeter DunkLBYC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)256.0
151714HagarMosquitoMkIRob GilchristHSC18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)559.0
161799InfectedMosquitoMkIGraeme DaviesASC18 (DNF)718 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)61.0
161733Touch & GoMosquitoMkIMark O'Hallore718 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)61.0
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