Cairn Curran SC
Classic Dinghy Regatta

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
24 Nov 2018
Race 2
25 Nov 2018
Race 3
25 Nov 2018
13461Jack's ToySailfishBrian Carrol1124.0
2AUS500RaptorOk DinghyGrant Duran23712.0
3240RoseSabreRay Eastwood36413.0
4W10EliseHartley Ts 16 W/O MotorColin Bell47516.0
5KA3396MistyMoth ScowJon Pucham20 (DNC)2123.0
64110FishSailfishC Conn810624.0
7815Old Timer IISabreRalph Ballard5520 (DNC)30.0
84844MaggieMoth ScowMark Remington20 (DNF)9332.0
93330Stanley CrocodileSailfishGreg Barwick9820 (DNC)37.0
103334Gonzo The GreatSailfishKen Mannard101120 (DNC)41.0
112367Snow WhitePacerR Mackintosh
  A Mackintosh
20 (DNC)420 (DNC)44.0
123168SkeetaMoth ScowHarry Cox620 (DNC)20 (DNC)46.0
13KA3396MistyMoth ScowGraemem Cox720 (DNS)20 (DNS)47.0
14-CheyenneTasarSteve Fankhauser
  S Edwards
1120 (DNC)20 (DNC)51.0
1514InfuserMoth ScowAndrew Kean1220 (DNC)20 (DNC)52.0
153409SparkySailfishMark Teasdale20 (DNC)1220 (DNC)52.0
179094HornetVee JayDon Cross
1320 (DNC)20 (DNC)53.0
189003On The Shy SideMoth ScowJon Pucham1420 (DNC)20 (DNC)54.0
193111Gazelle125R Mackintosh
  A Mackintosh
20 (DNF)20 (DNC)20 (DNC)60.0
19 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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