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I created SailRes in 2009 as a response to the difficulties experienced by club members at my home club (Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club in East Gippsland, Victoria) when attempting to produce results for our club races.
Of the PC based applications available only a few could do the elapsed time, yardstick and handicap results that we needed and none had a user interface that our volunteers had any interest in learning - they were just too hard to use.
The other problem with PC applications was that bugs would inevitably happen and this would then require installing a new version or a patch - if indeed the bug was fixed at all.
So, for quite selfish reasons really (I just wanted someone else to do the results instead of me!), I decided to set up some race scoring software on a web server which would be simple and intuitive to use (without the need for training) and which would be available anywhere a browser can be found (even on a tablet on the committee boat).
Over the years the layout and look of SailRes has changed and a few extra features have been added, so SailRes is not quite as simple as it used to be, but I have always pushed back against adding 'wish list' type features unless they are really going to be of use to many users.
The important thing is to spend less time with the computer and more time sailing (or talking about sailing - just as important).

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