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SailRes has been used for race results by many clubs around Australia for over 10 years now. It was set up to simplify the job of club scorers by providing club and regatta results with a minimum of steps

To try out SailRes for yourself, take a look at the Sample YC where you can try out all the features of SailRes, create, view and modify some results.

An annual subscription for SailRes only costs $110 including GST

To set up an account for your club just head to the signup page.

Features of SailRes

  • No software required - any browser on any device will do
  • No updates to install... ever
  • Extremely simple user interface
  • Results instantly available on the web - no uploading and no waiting
  • Enter results on the water - all you need is an internet connected device
  • Fleet and divisional results
  • Elapsed time, Yardstick and Personal Handicap results
  • YV and CBH yardstick systems supported

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