Gippsland Lakes YC Regatta
Minnow Novice Fun Race Series

Series scores

Fleet - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
22 Jan 2019
Race 2
23 Jan 2019
Race 3
24 Jan 2019
Race 4
26 Jan 2019
110001 In 1000MinnowTessa KohneMCCYC21159.0
2290GarfieldMinnowNed SheridanGLYC133411.0
3976Rogue SeahorseMinnowTegwyn SomervilleGLYC425112.0
4988SparkleMinnowSamantha KempBYC542213.0
5986ShockwaveMinnowEmily MelroseGLYC364316.0
6521H2GOMinnowAvelyn ReynoldsPYC659 (DNS)9 (DNS)29.0
7494McNuggettMinnowHugh BackwellBYS779 (DNS)730.0
8819StormboyMinnowSookie McGrath9 (DNS)9 (DNS)9 (DNS)633.0
8 entrants.    
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