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Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
10 Oct 2019
191TarnaTumlarenJames Frecheville11.0
21590Silver CloudNoelex 30/Farr 940 Jenny Holter
  Mark Holter
316Waza RagerRoss 780 (Mod)David Homewood33.0
45RaptorCastle 550 Ron Peel44.0
5815TantrumSonata 8 Warwick Hall55.0
6989Class ActNoelex 25 Ian McDonald66.0
7247GrowlerEtchellsKevin Brown
  Colin Lamble
83691HawkeyeElliott 7.4 Rob Van Djik88.0
9130Highly StrungAustral 24 SK Angela Bacon99.0
1036ElizabethBoomerang 20 DK Geoff Robinson1010.0
113021ScorpioTimpenny 770 SK Gerry Van Manan1111.0
12751LeglessEtchellsIan Spottiswood1212.0
13417White PointerEtchellsFleming Rasmussen1313.0
14213WirriwjamaRL 28 Roger Plowman1414.0
156975Quiet Little DrinkElliott 5.9 Andrew Somerville84 (DNC)84.0
15298MatildaLidgard 29Peter Boyle84 (DNC)84.0
151621Say No MoreNoelex 30Jonathan Wood84 (DNC)84.0
153035RelienceTM35Timpenny 670 Bill Shand84 (DNC)84.0
158025SequentialClubman 8Hamish Sutherland84 (DNC)84.0
1511Da VinciCumulus David Cree84 (DNC)84.0
15862White NoiseEtchellsStuart Loft84 (DNC)84.0
155382ToccataJarkan 39David Griffiths84 (DNC)84.0
154282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK Chris Avery
  Lesley Avery
84 (DNC)84.0
15GL004Rainbow ConnectionEndeavour 26Nigel Emerson84 (DNC)84.0
15G189NutmegEndeavour 24D Williams84 (DNC)84.0
153035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott84 (DNC)84.0
15505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins84 (DNC)84.0
15G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell
  Anne Delahay
84 (DNC)84.0
151567Itchy FeetNoelex 30/Farr 940 Norbert Hrouda84 (DNC)84.0
157008Ripping YarnsThompson 7 David Griffiths84 (DNC)84.0
15342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis84 (DNC)84.0
153019Full CircleTimpenny 770 SK Rod Gardiner84 (DNC)84.0
1526KateCavalier 26Harry Stevens84 (DNC)84.0
1514Helter SkelterSth. Coast 22AJohn Dingey84 (DNF)84.0
1536Time BanditCastle 650 Roger Burnett84 (DNC)84.0
15870EscapadeNoelex 25 Cameron Ritter84 (DNC)84.0
15733MambareNoelex 25 Brett Stafford84 (DNC)84.0
15600Cosmic SedsoRL 24 DKPaul Corben84 (DNC)84.0
153090PeregrineTimpenny 670 Chris Cope84 (DNF)84.0
1582GhostDragonJohn Johnson84 (DNC)84.0
15155Wayward WindSeaway 25Jim Callahan84 (DNC)84.0
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Race 110 Oct 2019

These are PROVISIONAL results subject to change. For enquiries contact GLYC

Fleet, Yardstick results - CBH converted to VYC (80.25)

191TarnaTumlarenJames Frecheville112.001:30:331:20:501
21590Silver CloudNoelex 30/Farr 940 Jenny Holter
  Mark Holter
316Waza RagerRoss 780 (Mod)David Homewood99.101:22:121:22:563
45RaptorCastle 550 Ron Peel0.6751:40:021:24:084
5815TantrumSonata 8 Warwick Hall0.7281:33:191:24:395
6989Class ActNoelex 25 Ian McDonald0.7251:34:561:25:456
7247GrowlerEtchellsKevin Brown
  Colin Lamble
83691HawkeyeElliott 7.4 Rob Van Djik0.8051:26:571:27:138
9130Highly StrungAustral 24 SK Angela Bacon0.6651:46:421:28:259
1036ElizabethBoomerang 20 DK Geoff Robinson0.6401:51:011:28:3210
113021ScorpioTimpenny 770 SK Gerry Van Manan0.7161:40:411:29:4911
12751LeglessEtchellsIan Spottiswood93.001:24:051:30:2412
13417White PointerEtchellsFleming Rasmussen93.001:25:041:31:2813
14213WirriwjamaRL 28 Roger Plowman0.6921:57:061:40:5814
6975Quiet Little DrinkElliott 5.9 Andrew Somerville0.775DNC84
298MatildaLidgard 29Peter Boyle0.825DNC84
1621Say No MoreNoelex 30Jonathan Wood97.00DNC84
3035RelienceTM35Timpenny 670 Bill Shand0.685DNC84
8025SequentialClubman 8Hamish Sutherland0.805DNC84
11Da VinciCumulus David Cree0.650DNC84
862White NoiseEtchellsStuart Loft93.00DNC84
5382ToccataJarkan 39David Griffiths92.00DNC84
4282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK Chris Avery
  Lesley Avery
GL004Rainbow ConnectionEndeavour 26Nigel Emerson120.00DNC84
G189NutmegEndeavour 24D Williams127.00DNC84
3035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott96.00DNC84
505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins101.60DNC84
G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell
  Anne Delahay
1567Itchy FeetNoelex 30/Farr 940 Norbert Hrouda0.825DNC84
7008Ripping YarnsThompson 7 David Griffiths0.895DNC84
342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis0.725DNC84
3019Full CircleTimpenny 770 SK Rod Gardiner0.716DNC84
26KateCavalier 26Harry Stevens130.00DNC84
14Helter SkelterSth. Coast 22AJohn Dingey112.20DNF84
36Time BanditCastle 650 Roger Burnett0.725DNC84
870EscapadeNoelex 25 Cameron Ritter0.725DNC84
733MambareNoelex 25 Brett Stafford0.725DNC84
600Cosmic SedsoRL 24 DKPaul Corben0.760DNC84
3090PeregrineTimpenny 670 Chris Cope0.685DNF84
82GhostDragonJohn Johnson107.00DNC84
155Wayward WindSeaway 25Jim Callahan0.725DNC84
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