Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
C G Drummond Trophy

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
28 Feb 2021
11789ImmunityMosquito Cat SpinNeil Joiner11.0
21775Snakes And LaddersMosquito Cat SpinDarrin Tomison22.0
33035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott33.0
41759Wild SideMosquito Cat SpinOskar Watkinson44.0
51118Curved AirEtchellsJim Callahan55.0
63005Rocket Cow125Esther Francis66.0
71590Silver CloudNoelex 30/Farr 940 Jenny Holter77.0
8600Cosmic SedsoRL 24 DKPaul Corben88.0
9417White PointerEtchellsFlemming Rasmussen99.0
101721UltimateMosquitoJack Maskiell1010.0
11G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell1111.0
12366Neva 2 OldSabreLouise South1212.0
133880Where The Bloody Hell Are YouFlying FifteenCraig Rainey14 (RET)14.0
13 entrants.    

Race 128 Feb 2021

Fleet, Yardstick results - CBH converted to VYC (80.25)

11789ImmunityMosquito Cat SpinNeil Joiner76.500:56:391:14:031
21775Snakes And LaddersMosquito Cat SpinDarrin Tomison76.501:03:511:23:272
33035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott96.001:26:141:29:493
41759Wild SideMosquito Cat SpinOskar Watkinson76.501:08:581:30:094
51118Curved AirEtchellsJim Callahan93.001:25:291:31:555
63005Rocket Cow125Esther Francis123.001:54:431:33:156
71590Silver CloudNoelex 30/Farr 940 Jenny Holter97.001:30:561:33:447
8600Cosmic SedsoRL 24 DKPaul Corben0.76301:39:381:34:438
9417White PointerEtchellsFlemming Rasmussen93.001:29:281:36:129
101721UltimateMosquitoJack Maskiell82.001:19:161:36:4010
11G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell106.301:44:191:38:0811
12366Neva 2 OldSabreLouise South120.002:07:361:46:2012
3880Where The Bloody Hell Are YouFlying FifteenCraig Rainey109.00RET14
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