Gippsland Lakes YC Regatta
2014 Australian Laser Masters - Radial - Practice

Series scores

Division Apprentice 35-44yrs - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
13 Feb 2014
1198100SeachangeLaser RadialAnita SmithNSW & ACT11.0
4 entrants.    

Division Master 45-54yrs - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
13 Feb 2014
1164180Tassie ExpressLaser RadialMark KennedyQLD11.0
2199244ITAMLaser RadialJohn JaggerVIC22.0
3202911Pure BlondeLaser RadialLindsay WhittonNSW & ACT33.0
4202814Capio VentumLaser RadialGil GarnierVIC44.0
5150841Laser RadialAndrew LeylandWA55.0
6193002Scared ChutelessLaser RadialBrian PikeNSW & ACT66.0
7193081ZephyrLaser RadialCamilla GravesVIC77.0
8135338Laser RadialChris ThompsonNSW & ACT25 (DNF)25.0
24 entrants.    

Division Grand Master 55-64yrs - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
13 Feb 2014
1203797LASSerLaser RadialMartin LinsleyNSW & ACT11.0
2199093Aussie SharkLaser RadialJeff LoosemoreNSW & ACT22.0
3177792Mite SaltyLaser RadialJames MitchellVIC33.0
4202852Dream LoverLaser RadialChris MeechNSW & ACT44.0
5180037ShamanLaser RadialJuha VanhakartanoSA55.0
6202835ScallywagLaser RadialChris MeagerVIC66.0
7197281FascinationLaser RadialClive HumphrisVIC77.0
8202645Laser RadialBruce PaineNSW & ACT88.0
9202799DashLaser RadialRick LongbottomNSW & ACT99.0
10196450Misties FoolLaser RadialTony RyanNSW & ACT1010.0
11163970Slow boat to ChinaLaser RadialTony McPhailVIC1111.0
12163966Frequent FlyerLaser RadialAnne ReynoldsTAS1212.0
13202947Laser RadialLyndall PattersonQLD28 (DNF)28.0
13199098LambchopLaser RadialVanessa DudleyNSW & ACT28 (DNF)28.0
13203763Pressure DropLaser RadialDave RobsonNSW & ACT28 (DNF)28.0
13185368Three Fifths of Five EighthsLaser RadialGeoff WalkerVIC28 (DNF)28.0
13202943Dry WhiteLaser RadialStephen GriffithsVIC28 (DNF)28.0
27 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores

Division Great Grand Master 65+yrs - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
13 Feb 2014
1199019CalecheLaser RadialDavid FlakelarNSW & ACT11.0
2191640TorLaser RadialGote VikstromNSW & ACT22.0
3196907FUNLaser RadialDave KershawVIC33.0
4152877AberdareLaser RadialPeter DewsQLD44.0
5152902SarapaxLaser RadialRobert BartlettVIC55.0
6202722Ankle BiterLaser RadialStuart AllanNSW & ACT27 (UFD)27.0
6202677Bonnie TuesdayLaser RadialDavid WyllieVIC27 (DNF)27.0
6191608SUCH is LIFELaser RadialLew VerdonNSW & ACT27 (DNF)27.0
6202701QuadelleLaser RadialKerry WarakerQLD27 (DNF)27.0
6195711last tangoLaser RadialBarry John PownallNSW & ACT27 (UFD)27.0
6201500Pia 3Laser RadialBuster HooperVIC27 (DNF)27.0
6197530WiggleLaser RadialRobert LowndesNSW & ACT27 (DNF)27.0
26 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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