Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Australia Day Trophy Race

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
26 Jan 2016
11830Still BittenMosquito Cat + SpinGary Maskiell11.0
21790Bee AlertMosquito Cat + SpinPeter Nikitin22.0
33854Relience Ffenty FfooFlying FifteenBill Shand33.0
49625AquaholicCadet InternationalLuca Vuat44.0
5C1789JuliaCouta Boat 22Andrew Somerville55.0
63672ImpulseFlying FifteenJim Callahan66.0
71804Fun BoatSabreBrian Carroll77.0
882GhostDragonJohn Johnson88.0
991TarnaTumlarenJames Frecheville99.0
103125Inside Joke125Charlie Broomhall1010.0
114282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK Chris Avery1111.0
12C26KateCavalier 26Harry Stephens1212.0
13M25SireneMacGregor 25 TSNick Erima1313.0
14505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins1414.0
1516Waza RagerRoss 780 (Mod)David Homewood1515.0
163022Just For FunTimpenny 770 SK Colin Allchin49 (DNF)49.0
16128815Cool RunningLaser RadialBrod Lang49 (DNF)49.0
16342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis49 (DNF)49.0
48 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores

Race 126 Jan 2016

Fleet, Yardstick results - CBH converted to VYC (80.25)

11830Still BittenMosquito Cat + SpinGary Maskiell83.501:07:031:20:181
21790Bee AlertMosquito Cat + SpinPeter Nikitin83.501:07:321:20:522
33854Relience Ffenty FfooFlying FifteenBill Shand109.001:30:131:22:463
49625AquaholicCadet InternationalLuca Vuat153.002:08:421:24:074
5C1789JuliaCouta Boat 22Andrew Somerville151.102:07:511:24:365
63672ImpulseFlying FifteenJim Callahan109.001:32:591:25:186
71804Fun BoatSabreBrian Carroll127.001:51:211:27:407
882GhostDragonJohn Johnson107.001:38:591:32:308
991TarnaTumlarenJames Frecheville0.71601:44:591:33:409
103125Inside Joke125Charlie Broomhall123.001:55:281:33:5210
114282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK Chris Avery112.001:46:381:35:1211
12C26KateCavalier 26Harry Stephens127.402:04:451:37:5512
13M25SireneMacGregor 25 TSNick Erima125.002:02:291:37:5913
14505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins101.601:40:071:38:3214
1516Waza RagerRoss 780 (Mod)David Homewood99.101:40:261:41:2015
3022Just For FunTimpenny 770 SK Colin Allchin0.7160DNF49
128815Cool RunningLaser RadialBrod Lang0.0000DNF49
342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis0.7250DNF49
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