Series scores

Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
25 Oct 2015
Race 2
8 Nov 2015
Race 3
29 Nov 2015
Race 4
10 Jan 2016
Race 5
6 Mar 2016
Race 6
20 Mar 2016
Race 7
3 Apr 2016
1417White PointerEtchellsFleming Rasmussen21154721020.0
282GhostDragonJohn Johnson9812115622.0
24282KalimnaTimpenny 770 SK Chris Avery54 (DUT)7747222.0
43880Where The Bloody Hell Are YouFlying FifteenCraig Rainey161016 (DNC)18 (DNC)4425.0
5247GrowlerEtchellsKevin Brown814 (DNC)125616 (DNS)738.0
61830Still BittenMosquito SloopGary Maskiell15 (DNC)319 (DNC)1121013 (DNC)39.0
73854Relience Ffenty FfooFlying FifteenBill Shand15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)118 (DNC)3942.0
83672ImpulseFlying FifteenJim Callahan15 (DNC)4816 (DNC)317 (DNC)13 (DNC)43.0
9829ShadowfaxEtchellsRuss Peel49216 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)44.0
101789ImmunityMosquito SloopNeil Joiner15 (DNC)519 (DNC)16 (DNC)117 (DNC)845.0
1116Waza RagerRoss 780 (Mod)David Homewood111019 (DNC)16 (DNC)9613 (DNC)49.0
12FH 940No WorriesSouthley BusterPaul Borg14 (DNF)215618 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)50.0
12V05NitroFormula FifteenMark Jefferis1214 (DNC)316 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)550.0
14G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)129151.0
143125Inside Joke125Charlie Broomhall15 (DNC)14 (DNC)131018 (DNC)113 (DNC)51.0
163572Reliance 17Flying FifteenRod Gardiner614 (DNC)616 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)55.0
17505Its AlrightRoss 830Brian Collins15 (DNC)14 (DNC)1116 (DNC)10813 (DNC)56.0
181790Bee AlertMosquito Cat + SpinPeter Nikitin15 (DNC)119 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)1213 (DNC)57.0
181775Karma CatMosquito Cat + SpinTim Shepperd15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)818 (DNC)17 (DNC)357.0
202FinnistereFinnJames Maskiell15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)318 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)62.0
203021ScorpioTimpenny 770 SK Gerry Van Maanen15 (DNC)14 (DNC)416 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)62.0
223611Ten Pound NoteFlying FifteenTrevor Williams314 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)63.0
22C1789JuliaCouta Boat 22Andrew Somerville15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)516 (DNF)13 (DNC)63.0
223099Molly 'O'Flying FifteenJohn Foley10719 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)63.0
253005Rocket Cow125Mark Jefferis15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)817 (DNC)13 (DNC)66.0
263861Supertoy Plays OnFlying FifteenBrian Carroll714 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)67.0
262929BurrunanTasarAndrew Sayle15 (DNC)14 (DNC)916 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)67.0
28b46Slippery When WetSeaway 25Jacqui Loft15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)918 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)68.0
2811The LemonStatus 580Michael Chapman15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)1218 (DNC)16 (DNF)1168.0
305RaptorCastle 550 Ron Peel15 (DNC)14 (DNC)1716 (DNC)18 (DNC)1113 (DNC)69.0
31128815Cool RunningLaser RadialBrod Lang15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)1317 (DNC)13 (DNC)71.0
32939By InvitationNoelex 25 Buster Hooper15 (DNC)14 (DNC)1416 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)72.0
329625AquaholicCadet InternationalLuca Vuat15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)1318 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)72.0
3212856ZephyrLaser RadialJaime Zizman15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)1417 (DNC)13 (DNC)72.0
353035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott15 (DNC)1219 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)73.0
354107Slic125Michael Back15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)1418 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)73.0
35243HammerheadOptimistEnola Jefferis15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)1517 (DNC)13 (DNC)73.0
38broomhallPacerPacerW/oSpinCharlie Broomhall15 (DNC)14 (DNC)1616 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)74.0
393931Wow!Flying FifteenMichael Clark15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)17 (RET)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
393019Full CircleTimpenny 770 SK Peter Morrison15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
39101Joe BlowSpitfireJohn Foley15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
391984Weapon Of ChoiceSabreTim Heaney15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
39C26KateCavalier 26Harry Stephens15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
39177Bad InffuenceTasmanian TigerAndrew Somerville15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
3943NVSTasmanian TigerStuart Loft15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
39Know You CanHobie 14 TurboSteve Duff15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
39366Never Too OldSabreLouise South15 (DNC)14 (DNC)19 (DNC)16 (DNC)18 (DNC)17 (DNC)13 (DNC)75.0
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