Winter Series 2016

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubWinter Series Race 2
22 May 2016
Winter Series Race 4

19 Jun 2016
Winter Series Race 6
17 Jul 2016
Winter Series Race 7
7 Aug 2016
Race 8
21 Aug 2016
1Castle 650 Glenn Kewish211114.0
2SM521Vintage RedNoelex 25 John Mole1334511.0
340Five O'Clock SomewhereSonata 6.7 MkII (5oclk Swhere) 5 (DNC)5 (DNC)22312.0
4G109Gone With The WindMasrm 720 Andrew Friars4 (DNF)256 (DNF)8 (DNC)17.0
56028Out Of ExileElliott 7.8Bernard Spooner5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)219.0
6B84CharismaBoomerang 20 DK Andrew Croxon5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)38 (DNC)20.0
7007OctopussyClubman 8 5 (DNC)5 (DNC)47 (DNC)8 (DNC)21.0
7C750Fat Bottom GirlColson750Brian Murphy5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)421.0
9Seaway 25Bernard Spooner5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9Castle 650 Jason Martin
  Jason Martin
GTYC5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
92081Mad MissionBoomerang 20 DK Shane ThomasGTYC5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
923RastusSouth Coast 22 Barry Schippers5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
918LarosUltimate 18 DK Len Hatfield5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9SS26Free SpiritSonata 26 Ken Kugler5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
99Jamaican JoSunbird 25 Jason Martin5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNF)24.0
9Sonata 8 Robert Balding5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9742Down UnderNoelex 25 Anthony Doolan5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9Noelex 25 5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9763BeaujolaisNoelex 25 Chris Hancock5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9187JaffaBoomerang 20 DK Alan Brown5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9Elliott 7.0Bernard Spooner5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9SS79Sea WindSonata 6 Chris Conroy5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9?20DriftusSecret20Dale Appleton5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
91117ImpulseAustral 20 Owen Brown5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9452RestlessUltimate 18 DK Ray Slee5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9Sabre 22 Paul Webster5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9Investigator Geoffrey Russell5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
997Tom ThumbRL 24 DK 5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
949OOH La LaStatus 580Kevin Oneill5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
944DreamCatcherHartley 21Raymond Vaughan-Niven5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9919Flying SorcerorSorcerer 21Leigh Edwards5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9243Dynamic DuoB 63 Doug Gadd5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
9Boomerang 20 DK 5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
98Hairy LegsSpider24Scott Edgar5 (DNC)5 (DNC)7 (DNC)7 (DNC)8 (DNC)24.0
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