Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Chris Hawkin 3 Bays Race

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
23 Oct 2016
1C1789JuliaCouta Boat 22Andrew Somerville11.0
2V05NitroFormula FifteenMark Jefferis22.0
33125Inside Joke125Charlie Broomhall33.0
42109Supertoy ContendsContenderBrian Carroll44.0
53005Rocket Cow125Mark Jefferis55.0
61406Tenth Prime29erLuca Vuat66.0
73035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott77.0
8130Highly StrungAustral 24 SK Angela Bacon88.0
95RaptorCastle 550 Ron Peel99.0
10417White PointerEtchellsFleming Rasmussen1010.0
111567Itchy FeetNoelex 30/Farr 940 Norbert Hrouda1111.0
12342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis28 (RET)28.0
27 entrants.    

Race 123 Oct 2016

Fleet, Yardstick results - CBH converted to VYC (80.25)

1C1789JuliaCouta Boat 22Andrew Somerville146.002:32:021:44:071
2V05NitroFormula FifteenMark Jefferis92.001:36:231:44:452
33125Inside Joke125Charlie Broomhall123.002:11:101:46:383
42109Supertoy ContendsContenderBrian Carroll106.501:56:261:49:194
53005Rocket Cow125Mark Jefferis123.002:20:091:53:565
61406Tenth Prime29erLuca Vuat96.501:54:511:59:006
73035LongnoseAdams 13Frank Nott97.001:59:292:03:107
8130Highly StrungAustral 24 SK Angela Bacon0.66502:30:422:04:528
95RaptorCastle 550 Ron Peel118.802:30:592:07:059
10417White PointerEtchellsFleming Rasmussen93.001:58:542:07:5110
111567Itchy FeetNoelex 30/Farr 940 Norbert Hrouda0.82502:08:082:11:4311
342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis0.7250RET28
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