Lake Boga Yacht Club
Sunraysia Interclub Regatta

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 2
11 Feb 2012
Race 1
11 Feb 2012
Race 3
12 Feb 2012
1607StampedeImpulseWayne Hale1113.0
2568FoxImpulseKen Robinson2226.0
3603MagicImpulseGreg OrrLHYC34411.0
4392KnucklesImpulseKevin O'Bryan55313.0
5155388Nauti But NiceLaserBen ChatfieldLCYC46515.0
61785Bear TalkMosquito CatGarry Johnstone83617.0
7140164Follow MeLaserJohn CookLCYC67720.0
8919Mallee BullAccess LibertyChris ReardonLHSC781025.0
92978Gold Tiger 2Paper TigerKen ThompsonLCYC119828.0
10068White KnucklesTaipan5.7WSpinKym LuitjesLCYC1210931.0
111755PrestisimoMosquito CatIan Vernon10111132.0
121561EndakaMosquitoPhil Robin14121339.0
131825KryptoniteMosquito CatMark O'Halloran13131440.0
14009Windrush14SloopJordon OrrLHYC15141241.0
1587Sonata 6Mark FullgrabeLHSC917 (DNF)17 (DNF)43.0
16KA209ContenderBruce Pollard17 (DNC)17 (DNC)17 (DNC)51.0
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