125 Association Of NSW
125 National Championships 2017/18

Series scores

Division Open - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubHeat 1
30 Dec 2017
Heat 2
31 Dec 2017
Heat 3
31 Dec 2017
Heat 4
2 Jan 2018
Heat 5
2 Jan 2018
Heat 6
3 Jan 2018
Heat 7
3 Jan 2018
Heat 8
3 Jan 2018
Heat 9
4 Jan 2018
13125J125Luke Johnson
  Elizabeth McNeil
DPSS - QLD1111111127.0
23140SLOW BOAT125James Thomson
  Ning Xue
BYC - VIC23322562115.0
33191SCREAMING GOATS125Jim Scott
  Alicia Scott
ASC - VIC34233253720.0
43027SHENANIGANS125Douglas Blackstock
  Melissa Blackstock
53196ONE TOO MANY125Andrew Tailor
  Chloe Back
EFYC - WA19 (OCS)6556434330.0
63139CARNIVORE125Peter Henderson
  Deanna Henderson
CBSC-SA4564918 (RET)46635.0
73198PIGS IN SPACE TOO125Christopher Mann
  Peter Mann
BSS - QLD5777818 (RET)89547.0
83001PURPLEXED125James Alexander
  Luke Alexander
HKSC - NSW1519 (DNS)9117677956.0
93179STRANGE MAGIC125Rebecca George
  Simon George
HKSC - NSW149885910121059.0
  Caleb Henderson
CBSC - SA78119101098859.0
113029GIVE WAY125Alistair George
  Will Rushby
HKSC-NSW101010101471319 (DNS)1171.0
123147FASTFORWARD125Justin Bakker
  Hayden Speight
HKSC - NSW1319 (DNS)19 (DNS)1213811101481.0
133166BOARLISTIC125Geoff Craig
  Hugh Craig
  Rufus Craig
ESC - VIC9121515111512151689.0
143005ROCKET COW125Enola Jefferis
  Mark Jefferis
GLSC-VIC12141314161117 (DNF)111590.0
153136INERTIA125Morwenna Griffiths
  Tim Hunt
BRYC - VIC11131216151314141792.0
163146JYNNANTONNYX125Chris Taylor
  Curtis O'Reilly
SLMASC - NSW81119 (DNS)13121219 (DNC)19 (DNC)19 (DNC)94.0
172243NANNY PIGGINS125Joshua Griffiths-Hunt
  Inga Griffiths-Hunt
182643ODDS 'N' ENDS125Ida Gaulke
  Evan Gaulke
SYC -VIC19 (DNS)1516181819 (DNC)19 (DNC)19 (DNC)13118.0
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